Tailgate Village Question

Question for the board, whom should I contact about setting up a table inside or around the Tailgate Village?

If you’re talking about inside the IPF, I believe you have to go through IMG for that. Try either of the following:

Lauren Wilson - 713-818-1812: lauren.wilson@img.com
Sarah White - 713-824-4938: sarah.white@img.com

For Party on the Plaza, UHAA runs that so you’d have to go through: alumni@uh.edu

Beyond that, you just have to follow UH tailgating policy:



I find the tailgating areas quite confusing, also I am not a big fan of using the indoor facility. It will probably spread out the people even more, which will affect the whole atmosphere.

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The purpose of using the IPF is to maximally monetize game day while giving fans another option. I’ll be in the parking lot as usual, but MONEY is the primary purpose of selling IPF access. Not a plot to spread out the fans.


money grabs are not good for the university, they ultimately piss people off. just like i can dang near buy better and cheaper on groupon than my season tickets!!! tailgating is a huge part of the college football game day experience

$10 for some AC and shade is a money grab?!?

Coog’d It.


Brad, i hope that the people that go enjoy it. come by our tailgate and i will give you a free cold beer and maybe even some food


I am worried about wear and tear on the field inside of the IPF. Beer spills, food smashed in the artificial grass…and they will have coog’d it by having LONG lines with people who don’t know what they are doing. I hope I’m wrong. We will be inside of the IPF in the AC.

I don’t think it’s a plot, rather a unintended consequence

Texans run the breakfast buffet in the bubble before games and still practice there. Tail gating is fine but some older folks I would imagine like the atmosphere, AC and lack of drunk kids.

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I believe and would hope they have temporary flooring covering the field to protect from spills. We are copying Oregon and they do.

I have tickets to the IPF and will spend time, probably more time, at our tailgate as well. I am curious how the IPF will workout. Just something else to checkout. We had some topics earlier in the year about improving the game day experience. The IPF tailgate is just one of those things. I applaud the effort to try something new. Hope it is run well…

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Sounds like great set up for taking a client when you don’t have time to prep food/ cook.

I agree, i also have tickets to the IPF and i just thought it would be a good experience for me and the girlfriend from our normal gameday routine. I would think the afternoon games would make the experience better but nonetheless i cant wait to see what they have in store.


Old Guy

Saw this for the tailgaters:

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