Taking A Punt: The Dane Roy Story

Go behind the scenes of a 4-year College Football career, as Dane Roy, the former University of Houston Cougars punter shares his journey from Australian ice cream salesman to the ESPN red carpet.

At 26 years old, Dane Roy was working at Peter’s Ice Cream in Melbourne, Australia, when he stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in a “longest kick” contest, ending in a final showdown at the 2015 Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final. Roy won the final contest with an 81-yard (73-meters) punt that would ultimately change his life.

As part of his prize, he earned a chance to work with renowned punting coach Nathan Chapman of Prokick Australia, and when Tom Herman - then head coach at the University of Houston - came calling for a punter, Chapman didn’t hesitate to recommend the booming boot of Dane Roy.

#TakingAPuntPodcast. This is the Dane Roy Story.


Dane is quite a story teller. Very insightful on what the team went through in 2016. Thanks!

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Thanks @UHpoint! Glad you’re enjoying the series. Will be further episodes following Dane’s journey coming soon.

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