TDECU as XFL venue

(Ryon Adams) #1

There is a rumor floating around that TDECU will host Houston’s new XFL team.



I think that would be great.

(Patrick) #3

Cool, hopefully that can add some more cash to the athletic department.


…only if we can name them…the Cougars…lol. I think it would be great for them to share the stadium!


This… Extra revenue :moneybag: plus new Tv deal. Get it done, Pezman.

(Matt Jackson) #6

UH is going to make a little over $1 million a home game. Great get for as long as it lasts. If the owner is smart, they sign Johnny Football or Vince to QB and sell the place out. It’s going to be more publicity stunt than quality football, I imagine.

(Ryon Adams) #7

That’s some good dough for sure!

I might even have to go see a game and buy some merchandise!

Query: is following a XFL team sort of like an act of betrayal with respect to the local NFL franchise?

(Timothy Q. Chan) #8

How does that work, does the XFL team get signage in the stadium? They should probably choose red as their team color.

Also, either ask for the money up front or make sure they pay with cash. No checks.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

They can play there but they don’t get to use our practice facilities or change signing. Plenty of LED boards to do any signing/advertising with.


I’m pretty sure Vince wants to get it RIGHT this time.


Use the extra cash to upgrade the stadium… concessions on 3rd level, water fountains, etc.


Naming them the Houston Oilers or Houston Gamblers or even the Houston Buffs would we awesome!

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Concessions at top of 2nd level makes so much sense. It serves the second and third deck. When I have tickets in the third deck, I know I am only going to the concession stand once because doing those stairs 4 times in one day is enough for me.


Oilers is probably out of the question, but how about the Houston Wildcatters? or Wild Cats? They could even use our Cougar Roar for 3rd down conversions! :smile:


Or actually get the spelling correct and name them the Houston Texians


Name them Houston Oilers the they become the main pro team…Texans move to 2nd class pro team…



(Timothy Q. Chan) #18

I recall we used Dynamo rent money to improve the lighting at Roberson Stadium so we could get more TV games.

I like the idea of making the upper deck improvements. The reason my season tickets are on the visitors side is because of the lack of amenities (like concessions) and necessities (like restrooms) on the home side.


Fun trivia… 7 UH players were picked in the first XFL draft

(Gerald) #20

The football wasn’t bad in the original XFL. Problem was the way Vince marketed it.

There is enough football talent to have another quality football league