TDECU as XFL venue

I hope he is just kidding

Its why I call them the “Any given Sunday” Oilers.

looks like June Jones is going to be the coach.

The Restauranteurs

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We already have the Houston Astronauts.

‘Astros’ is short for Astronauts

If the Oilers is off the table (obvious first pick) How about we revive the old Houston Buffs name?

With the Houston Texans being the most arrogant, narcissistic, self righteous, sports team I’ve ever seen, especially for one that has accomplished NOTHING EVER…I might actually support our new XFL team over them.


Didn’t the AAF have a team called the Apollo’s?


Indeed. Orlando’s team.

But it would be quite appropriate for any Houston XFL team as well.

I’d be open to “Buffs” as well.

Colt 45s

No can do. Astros already got sued for using that nickname. It’s a trademark.

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Does anyone know what the economics of renting out TDECU are? How much are we making?

See my post above. St. Louis is getting about $100K for each game, so I’m assuming that our cut for TDECU will be comparable.

XFL a second chance, ‘blessing’ for former Cougars

“This is a blessing,” said Demarcus Ayers, a former wide receiver for Houston. “Any time you get to learn to be a professional in front of professional coaches and organization members, it’s an honor.”

The Lancaster-native, who was drafted 229th overall in 2016 by the Pittsburgh Steelers before being cut later in the season, was joined by former UH linemen Mason Denley, Marcus Oliver and Damien Parris on the offensive roster of the Showcase.

Defensive backs Nick Watkins, Garrett Davis, Joeal Williams and Khalil Williams rounded out Houston’s participation in the event.

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If players can make a living and or have fun in the XFL then more power to them. I have no intention of watching the league for reasons mentioned previously and don’t think the league will survive for any length of time.

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It may not survive, but given that there’s money in it for UH, we might as well support it while it lasts!!!

Support that which supports our beloved school/program!


Well at least it appears to be funded better than the AAF.


it’s not the heat…it’s the humidity…

seriously, though, manziel apparently has his eye on the houston xfl team…that should be entertaining…looking forward to it!

I sure hope you are talking about a Manziel not named Johnny Manziel. That would give the team and the league an instant LACK of credibility!


So, is it criminal to be an Aggie :sunglasses:.

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manziel is a smooth criminal…just what the xfl is looking for…