TDECU as XFL venue

Are you OK, Annie?


But you don’t care about the league anyway, so…

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Johnny Manziel…what a huge disappointment and disgrace to football and sports.

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Surprised you picked up on that. I don’t want to offer an opinion too many times and offend someone. Then again, WTH!

In the final weeks of the AAF, the league’s majority owner, Tom Dundon, pushed for but failed to secure an agreement with the NFLPA for access to its bottom tier of players, men who might benefit from live snaps and improve a spring league’s quality of play. The XFL currently neither has nor seeks a formal connection to the NFLPA, but Luck thinks players might come to view a good season or two in the XFL — which will be nationally broadcast by Fox and ESPN — as a viable route to a legitimate NFL opportunity.

Professional football has lacked a worthwhile developmental league ever since Luck’s NFL Europe shuttered in 2007. Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme and Jon Kitna all succeeded there before returning stateside as starting QBs. And while limited-contact rules enable quarterbacks to have longer careers than ever before, the opportunities for developmental passers to prove themselves have become increasingly limited.