TDECU as XFL venue

(Munzell Milluns) #21

agree. plenty of talent.

call it the “Houston Panhandlers” or the “Houston Gypsies”

(Dan) #22

If the NFL would just create a minor league like the NBA did with the D league they wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff.

(Gerald) #23

The XFL is nothing for the NFL to worry about. As a football fan, I love the idea of another football league to watch.


Less than 1% of college players play in the NFL. There is plenty of good talent still after that.


Talent is one thing, talent you want to watch is another. You’ve seen exhibition football right? That’s what this will be.

They do have Oliver Luck, so the more real people out in front and the less Vince the better. Maybe they’ll try the USFL route and get legit NFL talent. I’m not sure if they have the money.

Are they playing in the Spring or Fall? If they’re playing in the fall they’re idiots.

(Gerald) #26

It should be better than the NFL preseason. Last time the XFL was played in the spring.


Can’t be in the fall, that’s when we are using it…


Johnny Football. Vince is too old and out of shape now.

(Trent) #29

Instead of improvements, why not use the rent money to pay off what we have and maybe reduce the fee burden on the students?


Because we really need the improvements.


There’s also the Alliance football league starting in February. Probably competing for the same guys.


Fire Ants

(Trent) #33

Houston Jalapeños


(Dan) #35

Tampa Bay can’t even get fans to their NFL stadium. Orlando and the bounce house would be a better choice. St. Louis is a good idea.

(Albert) #36

Was thinking the samething.

(joe losoya) #37

Roughnecks with an Oiler color scheme.




How about Tim Tebow? He’s not too old. This XFL could be very entertaining.


He wouldn’t do it.