TDECU as XFL venue


Houston Bandidos
Houston Gunslingers
Houston Terminators


Earlier someone suggested Roughnecks. I like the name because it honors the dirt streaked gritty guys that do the hard work to get oil out of the ground. Their colors should be Red for the blood they spill and Black for the oil the drill for. I would also use a white as an accent color.




Adding $1 million per home game is a nice addition to the coffers and helps make up the shortfall. I would chare more for the weight room and Practice Facility…

(Chris) #45

It is worth noting that San Diego is not on this list. I wonder why…


What’s special about San Diego…

(greg) #47

You did see our defensive talent this year? Improvements bring better player.


Pissed off cities who lost NFL teams are most likely to latch on to a new team. The AAF has San Diego, their cities make much more sense. The XFL rumored cities will be tough, but I guess their advantage is the $500 million to start with and that isn’t bad.


I was just asking because people love to go there lol. I’ve heard it’s like putting Austin next to the ocean with wonderful weather lol.

(David) #50

That’s an insult to San Diego. There is nothing in Austin that can compare to San Diego when it comes to scenery, weather, …just about everything. They might share the same political views but that is where the comparison stops IMO. Austin has a better music scene and lower taxes so

SD 100
Austin 2


Yes - Bring XFL to TDECU. For money, exposure, marketing, facility expansion, and tons more reasons. I think most Houstonian’s don’t know what a great stadium they have in their city.

It would be a shame to give all of that to Rice or BBVA.

(Thomas) #52

Looks like we’re getting one.

(Ryon Adams) #53

The internet rumor has been confirmed!!!

GREAT news!!!

Let’s milk this cash cow for all its worth!!!




(Dan) #55

Do you think we can get 1 million per home game? Of course there are operating costs for us so even if we did we wouldn’t bank it all. I hope this is a money maker for specifically the football program to retain and get the best coaches available and encourage them to stay.


Can this be used as a recruiting tool? :thinking:


TDECU may have gotten the best dollar for dollar naming rights deal in the history of naming rights deals.


Now put some ex cougars on the roster.


I’m going to be that guy today. lol

*Forever Coogs


Absolutely! Very good point. We sell that a number of our players have made it into the pros recently, we talk about all the good jobs that are in the city of Houston, and now we can add that if you’re unable to make it to the pros that maybe you can make it to the XFL who will likely be in attendance during the season to watch you.