TDECU as XFL venue

(Dan) #61

They have the AAFL kicking off this spring and the CFL. Those will be the main competitors. There’s a good 30 for 30 on the ESPN app about the old XFL. IMO if they make salaries higher than the 2 other leagues, stop trying to compete with the NFL, and make it fun they’ll be good.


(Trent) #63

I wish both these new leagues would accept players straight out of high school, to be an alternative to college ball for the talented players who don’t want to pretend to go to class and could use a quicker payday, even if it’s only 50k starting out. After three years they could go to the nfl draft. College ball would get straightened out into something fair that makes sense in a hurry, rather than being a taxpayer funded minor league that prints money for a few greedy people.


Can Donald Trump restart his USFL???!

(Tom Green) #65

He needs to worry about his current job.


The Houston Hellraisers.

(Chris) #67

I am all for it but there are going to some operations issues. One of them is related to our…field.
The Houston & Cougars markings are stitched into the field as well as the lines I believe. It usually is with turf fields. Some new fields have some lines stitched in but it is still very rare. Expect some “temporary” paint to cover the logos. Let’s hope it does not damage the field.


For television purposes couldn’t they just virtually "paint " over the Coog related logos the same way they do first down markers and advertising now?

(Matt) #69

I made a similar comment on the other thread. Hope we don’t have a stiched up field.


How are they going to remark the field is a good question for Pez.

(jim) #71

Sounds like all the teams (by rule) will be up tempo. It will be interesting what they have in mind to make the game more enjoyable and unique as mentioned in the article. If handled right could be a real boon to our university.


I agree that CFB isn’t necessarily ‘fair’ (esp. for players) but having something like XFL compete w/ college recruiting would drastically change the CFB money power. CFB itself would transform into something markedly different than what we know it to be.



(YaW00CougarFootball) #74

What if Coach NoD is their defensive coordinator?


I didn’t realize it was that long ago, but false promises of no rules is a start. Lying to people killed them. I stopped watching after the first game…

(Jason Lee) #76

Trump actually destroyed the USFL. He wanted into the NFL so bad, and pushed for going head to head on Sundays, then a merger. None of it worked out.

(Trent) #77

You mean like college baseball? Sounds great.

(Thomas) #78

Maybe they will add a cheesecake factory concession stand if Vince plays???


Why would he restart it? He ruined it and only wanted an NFL franchise.

Edit: sorry I didn’t see a post already explaining this. There’s an excellent book out titled Football for a buck which is great and all about the USFL.


If you want kids to get killed then yes, take then straight out of high school.