TDECU as XFL venue


Agreed.I think having the option to skip college ball is a good idea as well. However, they should make a mandatory redshirt year for first year players out of high school to get stronger. Some of the kids would be very small and will be going up against some grown men with bad intentions. I’d imagine the results would be hard for some parents to watch.

(J V ) #82

Will they have two players fight scramble to win the kick off? Will there be locker room drama that is televised? The reality show potential since the last time the XFL was around is so different.


I was thinking there are probably only like 10-15 kids a year who could play against grown men their first year out of college. Then those guys have to decide if they want to risk their value playing in that league. Is it worth $50k a year to possibly be exposed and drop some spots in the draft which costs you millions? Plus I wonder if it would change anything with the ability to get the injury insurance which can pay out millions. I know Jaylon Smith got close to a million for falling to the 34th pick instead of his top 5 projections.

(Chris Vaughan) #84

The failure of the leagues was franchises. You would have strong and weak owners financially and it was what too them down. The new leagues will have central control which should help

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #85

I’m excited to see the new XFL. The CFL is decent for a football nutter in order to get a fix over the summer, but the XFL should be better and I’ll be watching it.

(Ryon Adams) #86

Since it’s a good deal for UH…OF COURSE I’ll watch the new XFL team. I would hope that every true blue UH fan that wants that wants what’s best for our school would do so as well.

In fact, given that this XFL deal benefits our school, it’s hard for me to imagine ANY true blue coogfan…NOT giving the new Houston XFL team at least a little attention.

Why in the name of Hell would I watch the AAF over the XFL? They AAF doesn’t have a team in Houston, and in any event, the AAF isn’t doing anything to benefit my school. Given that, if I’m going to watch any pro league other than the NFL, it’s going to be the XFL.

Will I become a devout fan? Probably not. The pro game has never excited me as much as the college game.

But I’ll definitely watch, and, as I said, may even buy some merchandise to boot!


Do the Energy Still play football and was it at UH upon a time???

(Trent) #88

Does the guy who plays against future nfl players for no pay and no intention of getting or using the free college degree risk less than the guy who makes 50k without distractions or limits on the benefits that can be given to him like practice, training, and nutrition, along with prudent financial advice and agent representation?

(Dan) #89

Now Ricky Williams is starting a football league, the freedom league or something. This is all getting weird.

(Tom Green) #90

Nah… The Smoking League. All smokers allowed any kind of smoke. :roll_eyes:

(Gerald) #91

The XFL didn’t have franchises. The entire league was owned by Vince McMahon. The problem was Vince tried to run and advertise the league like wrestling. They actually charged more for tickets that were close to the cheerleaders.


The Weed League…Bowl Game…Bad boys Mowers Bowl.

(Brad) #93

Sounds familiar.


Before I started the article I thought there has to be some weed clause in this because that was always a sticking point with RW. When I read “holistic healing” I was not surprised.

Seems like everyone is starting a league at once even if the play will begin at different times. Might water down the talent pool for the leagues unless one is viewed as superior to the others.

(Cristian) #95

:pray: please let us make money from freedom league also. Let UH become a football hub.


It’s like all the new small business startups. Most of them fail within a year.

There are about 3 or 4 of these small pro leagues. Probably only one of them will survive. Maybe a couple of them will merge to be more profitable.

(Chris) #97

It is coming from esquire. They have an axe to grind with our President. I remember this period clearly. He wanted to get into the NFL & was pushing for a few USFL Teams to join it. The NFL put pressure and that was the end of it. It had nothing to do with him killing the USFL.


So is it like he initiated the moves that lead to its demise, but he didnt kill it?

(Dan) #99

With all these new leagues CMD and Travis Bush should be able to find work.


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