TDECU as XFL venue

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The league was struggling because certain owners weren’t financially able to take the financial hit of owning a pro football team. Trump wanted to force the USFL to compete directly with the NFL by moving from the Spring to the Fall. When they attempted the move, things just fell apart and the league folded. If the USFL had just waited a few more years, and slowly transitioned into the Fall, we could have either 2 professional football leagues or at least a bigger NFL with former USFL teams now part of the NFL.


The 1836!


The Dynamo tried that


The Robotrons?

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Houston Panhandlers
Houston Firefighters Pension Lawsuit

Houston Power Outage


Houston Apathy “We’ll ignore your points.”


That was a nice logo…


Its about playing against grown men instead of 18-22 year olds. Just like in basketball, most players who have gone overseas to play instead of college had their draft stock drop after struggles against pros. Plus who do you think has better resources to help a player get better Alabama or some new pro league trying to not lose too much money? Also if any of the top recruits need $50k, they can still get it going to college…

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We need an 18-22 year-old league that pays solid wage. This would be for kids that aren’t cut out for college. Put them all in the suburbs so the people with expendable income don’t have to drive downtown on their two days off.

The league could offer a pension (derived from the NFL) to kids that never play in the NFL to get them started in their next job when they leave.

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Well I figured grown men would already be in the nfl, because for 50k and no requirement to be out of high school for three years, minor league football would attract those who currently play for college teams, but not guys who have the chance to play in the league for many times that amount of money.


Where did you hear about the $1M per game figure?

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This thing won’t last but I’m happy the school can take their $$ while they can.


I’m struggling to think who will watch this league


I’m in for one game!!

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Out of gratitude for their support of UH/choice of venues, I’m sure I’ll see at least one game.

If it survives beyond one season, it’ll be a miracle, but let’s ride this gravy train as long as we can!

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Heard the XFL is considering allowing players in without the 3 year wait.

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That would be a big competitive advantage for the league to draw talent.

On the other hand it will make life that much harder for college coaches.

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Clearly the name of the team should be the Oilers.

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And some shade!