TDECU as XFL venue


The name -Oilers- is trade-marked and owned by Bud Adams heirs thus not available,


That will almost certainly make the XFL successful, and might change the college game entirely.



(Charles) #125

Please, girl.


Depends on what they pay. I could see it being like baseball where only “sure things” go pro out of high school. Of course all it would take is the NFL to walk back their rules.


The Houston traffic jams.

(Trent) #128

This is what I was hoping, because hopefully the stupid money would follow the top talent out of college ball. Baseball may seem small time in college but it’s much more honestly in line with what college is all about.

(Chris) #129

I have no idea if the trade mark is available but the HOUSTON GAMBLERS makes perfect sense, Would John Jenkins join in? Granted it sounds like BACK TO THE FUTURE but man even from far away I would tune in or even subscribe to watch his offense.


Bunch of false promises I remember…


Count me OUT!


Me too! I’m out!

(Gerald) #133

I don’t remember any false promises, but I do remember the XFL not being marketed to families. The commercial spots were of pretty girls looking “sensual” an with tag lines like “Don’t worry we will teach them how to cheer.” Even though I am sure the cheerleaders were in the middle of the field, the ticket prices were based on how close you were to the cheerleaders, Not a smart way to market a pro league IMO.


It was supposed to be a league of “no rules” …it was billed as being different from the NFL. I was imagining a game similar to the video game blitz where holding or late hits wouldn’t be called. When I saw the first game, it was worse than the NFL…I tuned out.