TDECU as XFL venue


Then they will have a better brand of crappy football.

(Patrick) #143

They’ll be playing in the spring so they’re branding shouldn’t be up when our football team is playing other than during the Spring game.


Just saying I don’t think the quality of football will be of interest very long.

(Patrick) #145

I think it’ll be hard to sustain two leagues running at the same time, but I could see one surviving as a sort of minor league. But, I agree, I don’t think it’ll last long-term without some kind of hook.

I did see that the XFL mentioned today that they have no restrictions on taking guys straight from high school or after 1-2 years of college and that they were going to discuss with their coaches once they were all in place. That’s an interesting possibility that may draw interest from some. Of course, I doubt the colleges will be happy with the league if they do that.

(Patrick) #146

Here’s the article:

(Ryon Adams) #147

Something tells me that the XFL could also, once players finish their playing careers there, serve as a farm system/recruiting ground for future WWE performers.

Just sayin’!

(John Simpson) #148

“Big Cat” Ernie Ladd!

(Ben B) #149

Long term I think they will be. It kills the play for play arguments. Want money? Go pro. The problem has always been the NFL rules, not NCAA.

(Patrick) #150

I think you’re right. i think it’ll be better for college football long-term as well even if it isn’t good for the blue-bloods.


Yeah, that’ll teach ALabama and Texas!


The G5 schools in the XFL markets should open up their facilities - stick it to the P5…

let them take their 5 star players away from them…