TDECU as XFL venue


I want REAL football hits. I want the QB to pee himself at the thought of a DLineman. I want WR to be scared to go down the middle.

(bg) #163

June Jones to coach Houston’s XFL team via @houstonchron

(Ryon Adams) #164

June Jones?


How 'bout some RUN AND SHOOT!!!

(David) #165

Will Art Briles get his chance to return to US football in the XFL on Jones’ staff? Would be interesting since it will be on the UH campus… I don’t think the XFL would shy away from this drama. They need eyes on their product.


Let Briles coach somewhere else.

(David) #167

I only mentioned it because I found out when looking up his age that June tried to hire Art to his CFL staff. I didn’t realize they were buddies. It is an interesting possibility.

(Joe) #168

Yeah. And less than 24 hours later, CFL denied him. It warmed my heart.

(Ryon Adams) #169

I suspect that Vince McMahon would have fewer scruples about hiring Briles than the CFL would, but I could be wrong!

(Joe) #170

I don’t know the ins and outs of the scandal at Baylor. But he abandoned us. So it’d be hard to root for a team he’s involved with. Lol.




Them looking to June Jones as a coach could mean a league closer to NCAA football than NFL.

If so, it’s promising that they are not trying to replicate NFL play. That was my #1 complaint about the AAF.

(Joe) #173

I thought I had read somewhere that Jeff Fisher was slated to coach the Houston team?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #174

His son who we gave an opportunity to that no one else would, signed a new contract extension and left us without blinking an eye. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on about the Baylor corruption but I want no part of that family ever again.

(Joe) #175

What kind of job did he take? I hate seeing coaches make lateral moves to other teams. But when they’re offered a higher position (assistant to coordinator, coordinator to HC, etc) I wish them nothing but the best when they’re not playing us.

(Alex Whitlock) #176

His son had an OC job that we hired him away from.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #177

Yes at Florida directional school.

Anyway it will be FSU who will learn to regret the hire.

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(Chris) #179

Could the XFL use the Houston Gamblers name? June Jones is the first step. What about Mr. John Jenkins? I will watch every game if that is the case.


Lots of teams have used natural disasters or weather events for their team names (cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, crimson tide etc.).

I wouldn’t go Houston Flood because that still a pretty raw wound. But how about the Houston Localized Street Flooding.

That’s a name that you could market the heck out of. “Here comes the Localized Street Flooding, check your alternative routes but I doubt there will be any.” That is terrifying and is worth 3 points a game.


i bet the logo would still look better than the Texans logo. (and yes, I’m a Texan fan)