TDECU Concessions

Quick question…I can’t seem to remember but does anyone know if the adult beverage concessions take debit/credit transactions? Particularly the craft beer stands. Asking for a fellow Coog.

Thanks and see yall in the Cage!

I always use cash but I believe they accept credit/debit. I recall 2 or 3 years ago some folks were complaining about their cards getting skimmed on a thread from the old site. I started using strictly cash after seeing that. This issue may have been resolved because I have not seen any new threads on it. Hopefully others that recall this and can comment.

The concessions do.

If you go to the little stand in second level end zone, prepare for it to take awhile. They don’t get in a hurry for anything. And god forbid you don’t have exact change. But to answer your question, I think that particular does cash only.

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Oh that reminds me! If they sell out of Buffalo tenders this year, I am going to freak! lmao

I read this too fast and thought it said TDECU Concussions. I think that would be better to describe some of the cuisine served in the stadium. :grin:

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Depends on the stand.

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