TDECU Expanded

Agree with Rich2351. At MOST we should expand to 45,000… and that’s it! Our fan base isn’t the sort to necessitate a 50,000 or (heaven forbid 60,000 facility). You are going to cut into season ticket sales of you do. Keep it intimate and if we do expand make it a 45,000 Taj Mahal.

Again, even Robertson had bathrooms on the second floor. :expressionless:

TDECU stadium was designed to be expanded by 10K increments. It is doubtful that a 5K increment would make sense economically, as far as the construction dollar goes. Much less if one wants to add upper concourse restrooms and concessions… My two cents.


50k is perfect if UH goes into the Big 12. Spread out the 10k and maybe add more seats also.

Expand when there are 5,000 people on a season ticket waiting list.

The thing that happens when you expand the upper deck on the North side is that you add a bunch of seats between the goal lines. There are a lot of people that aren’t interested in buying end zone season tickets that will consider it once some better seats are available.

I’d hope that the end zone upper deck wound part of the student section…this thread is all about hopes and dreams though.

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