Team Growth Spurts since last summer

Great article by Houston Roundball Review.

Team Growth Spurts Include:

Jwan Robert’s: Now, just a hair under 6’7 WITHOUT shoes, over 6’8 with shoes. Was a little over 6’5 WITHOUT shoes last summer.

Fabian is now 6’8 WITHOUT shoes.

Also Caleb is about 6’4 now too. Grew 1 Inch since he arrived.


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Roberts will play power forward. Did they ask about who are we still recruiting

Coach Sampson did mention a recruit who says he might announce his college choice in September. (This recruit is another kid Coach Sampson hasn’t been able to see play in person because of the pandemic.)


Thanks Kris for your always top access to our basketball program.


Please be Aidoo or the Navarro kid lol


You’re welcome. Thanks for the kind words.

Media turnout for today’s call was good - including media from outside the city of Houston.


Thanks for the podcasts and the information you provide. As successful as the program has been lately we still don’t get a lot of reporting on the program.


I like the experience on this year’s team, we have received 5th year seniors and another 4th year sitting with the injury.

Having a little more height for Roberts and White is really going to help both with how they play. White is mainly a face up shooter and jump hook specialist and someone we would like to hold down the center spot so let.

Roberts seems pretty similar but looking forward to seeing he, Chaney and Powell.

Robert’s growth spurt definitely opens up a lot of possibilities.

Now, next year I’m thinking a floor spacing 4 might be more important than getting a legit big.

Here is the conf call


White, Chaney and Roberts will return along with Powell and we already have two talented guards coming in to replace whoever leaves. Really probably best available big but a young center to develop fits well or a transfer to come in and sit a season.

please, please, please, please let there be a college basketball season this year or next year or sometime ever again…


Both, why not both, in one player? Aidoo does that!!! I’m greedy. I want him and Powell on the floor together with our backcourt… c’mon. That’s a natty.


Powell was listed at 6-8 or 6-9 when we signed him and now he’s 6-10. I wonder if he will continue to grow like David Robinson did. Robinson was 6-7 when he signed with Navy and over 7 feet when he graduated.

Beyond that he was like 5’9" as a high school junior and shot up to 6’6" by his senior season of hoops, so he also came out of nowhere to be a good high school player.

Some other late legendary spurts are Dennis Rodman and Pippen.

That’s rare though.

lamelo ball and obi toppin are newer players with some crazy growth spurts

lamelo went from 5’9 to 6’8 in a span of 2.5 years…obi toppin was a 6’4 wing at the start of his senior year in HS…between his prep/post grad year and dayton redshirt year he got to 6’9

Why can’t Robert play that part.

I hope he can. The scouting report on him has supposedly been that he’s more of an attack the glass/finish at the rim guy with a suspect outside shot. If he can space the floor we will be in great shape.

Right. There are a few others between those. Anthony Davis went from 6’2 to 6’10 during high school. CJ McCollum 5’3 to 6’3 during high school. Obi picking up 5 inches after his senior year is pretty rare.

I played with a guy who grew 7 inches over one offseason in high school.

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