Team intro

(Eric Prado) #1

Don’t think this has been mentioned but I really love the fact that the team runs out with the City of Houston flag. I hope it becomes a tradition.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2

Yeah I noticed that too this game, was this the first time?

(Eric Prado) #3

Nope. It’s happened at all three.


I think it’s a Harvey thing. I agree, it would be a cool tradition.

(Patrick) #5

I agree.

By the way, I noticed that SMU didn’t run out with a P6 flag which I thought all schools in the AAC were doing.

(Aidan Bynum) #6

Ive been emailing them for 5 years to use the City flag, I am ecstatic to see it out on the field. Wish more people/places would fly it!


I wish we’d get a better city flag that was worth flying.

(J V ) #8

I like the flag idea. I hate the intro video. I hated the ones TH had too. The audio at TDECU is so bad you can’t hear it. Also, it shows no respect for previous UH teams. If we do not show highlights of the past and how it ties to today, then history is lost.

That or just splice the big hit on a UT QB and I will be appeased for a bit.

But, I am an Ofortuna fan.


I am with you on that!

The Intro we had for the first year in our new stadium was by far the best - don’t know why it was ever abandoned. Heck, we could even understand what was said on our sound system that year; what EVER happened with that - can’t understand a word they say these days.

Also - one other thing: could the band PLEASE play the National Anthem loud enough for us to hear it - all of it, not just the last part?

(Eric Prado) #10

The band sounds great on the south side. I’m sure it depends on which side they’re facing.

(J V ) #11

The band sounds great.

But the sound system sucks.

It changed when we moved to TDECU, regarding the intro video.

It changed when Sumlin came in and there was enough uproar that that same season it went back to OFortuna.

I have emailed the AD about this and other game day issues but I have never heard back.

I remember the first time I saw the intro video during Briles tenure. We never had one that I can recall and few people uploaded to YouTube and the AD didn’t upload it anywhere. It game me chills the first time. Our group got to,our seats early to see it.

Intro videos are taken for granted now but remember trying to describe it to a buddy who was not there.

Now I just post the link.

Can we try to bring back OFortuna.

The crowd always went nuts when we hit the UT QB. Heck, todays students have no idea we used to play in the same conference with UT and ATM.

(Cary) #12

(J V ) #13

The one with the light rail was my favorite, it worked the best with the music.

Under Sumlin for a few games it changed to requiem of a dream. But OFortuna was brought back. If you were a part of this board it was quite the topic.

(J V ) #14

I like it, it’s ok enough. You can’t hear the lyrics or the play by play in most parts of the stadium.

Yeah, I sound like an old man Ellington at kids to get off my lawn. But the older versions highlighted the present and respected the past.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

I love OFortuna but I think Hip Hop is more fitting for 3rd Ward Coogs and HtownTakeover.

(J V ) #16

I have nothing against hip hop. I love we still use Hustlin.

First, most can’t hear it ( because the sound system sucks) and intro video is to fire up the fans. The ones we have used at TDECU have all been ‘meh’.

Heck if they used this music and intercut old footage that alone would be a step in the right direction.


And you just pointed out one of the main problems, in my opinion!

(Cary) #18

Say what you want about AD “mmm-kay”, but dude always responded to emails. I am the one who suggested the flex tickets for basketball, and he responded then implemented it.

(Paul Marlow) #19

I like the old videos that tie the old with the new for the students and younger alums.


I will agree the sound system could be better. I can’t make out what the players are saying for in-game skits, etc. I haven’t laughed at the “bad joke” segment yet because I can’t hear what they’re saying.