Team looking for Student Managers for 2019-20

(Patrick) #1


Seems like a great time to score that gig.

(Russell Andress) #3

I was a manager during Alvin Brooks’ first two yrs. my head basketball coach in high school played ball with Alvin in college. he made a phone call to Alvin and got me an interview. Had a lot of fun being a manager. It was a great job. Got a full ride- scholarships and books- traveled with the team- I would get everything they received shoes, warm ups, per diem, etc. I even had keys and me and my friends would go play ball at night at the pavilion! if I’m remembering correctly Damon Jones was on one of those teams as was I think Sam Mack. We really were not very good. It was work but it was worth it.

(Patrick) #4

Sam had left before then, but Damon was definitely on those teams. Galen Robinson Sr was on them as well. There was so much promise those first couple of years as that team grew up together.