Tech Predictions?

(PortlandCoog) #1

What do y’all think?

I don’t know what to think. Tech moves and scores on everyone. They are turnover prone, their defense can be glaringly bad at times (but then they fixed our wagon last year). Plus being an away game…

I can see anything happening. I think what will likely happen is a shoot-out. Whomever wins the turnover battle wins the game.

I like our chances, but this game is a nerve-wracker. Coogs 42 , Tech 28.

(Paul Marlow) #2

I think if we play well we win. If we play sloppy, have turnovers, or penalties, then we could easily lose. We need to come out fast like we did against Arizona.

(Russel ) #3

48-31 coogs!!

(Alfred Matthews) #4

45-40 houston


45-23 coogs, freshman QB will get exposed in front of a home crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a +3 turnover Margin. This D held em to 27 despite 5 turnovers. So far we look much more crisp on both sides of the ball. U of H will be out for blood. Kliffs head will be on demand after the game. If they win I think they will have a QB for the next 4 years.


Posted my prediction earlier on another thread, so I apologize for the duplication.

UH wins 55 - 41 with Tech getting 2 TDs in the 4th quarter against our back ups.

I just don’t think they’ll have an answer for the Briles offense and our defense will have some success stopping Tech with a freshman QB. Tech hasn’t seen a really good defense yet this year. For what it’s worth (it’s a small sample size), there was only one year where Kendal Briles as Baylor’s OC overlapped David Gibbs as Tech’s DC, which was 2015. It was the first year for both in the coordinator position at their respective schools. That year, Baylor beat Tech 63 - 35 on a neutral field in Arlington. Baylor led the nation in PPG that year with 48.1, which made Kendal a finalist for the Broyles award, so it was a really good year. But 63 points against Tech? Dang!


I agree with the key point that you mentioned and I was going to mention the same. The freshman QB has yet to see some high-speed action from a defensive front. I think whether Ed sacks him or not, Ed is going to be in the back of his mind all day.

If the injury list is accurate, they are down a running back and an offensive lineman. Running backs you can essentially replace but the question is how much of a drop off after the first stringer. The other question is how cohesive will the offensive line be missing that starting lineman.

That being said I think we will shut the run game down and have to hope that our cornerbacks can once again step up their play and shut down their passing game. I think if we acclimate to the wind early we will win 45 - 28, and if we struggle initially it’ll be a closer one like 42 - 38.


45 - 7…Tech shell-shocked at Coogs…


Love that optimism!

I will add that Tech’s 2 main outside receivers are really tall. Antoine Wesley is 6’5" and TJ Vasher is 6’6". Neither guy is very stout, so they shouldn’t be able to push our guys around, but jump balls might be a problem. The corners are definitely going to have their work cut out for them this weekend. I really am looking forward to seeing how the secondary does in the first true test of the year.

(Cary) #10

I think this might be pretty close.


yeah I agree, they seemed to rely on the run in their blowout win against Lamar for what that’s worth. The freshman only had 200+ yards in the air and 2 tds through the air. Still that being said I’m scared of pocket passers (even tho some would argue that this guy is a dual threat) hitting the soft spots in coverage. However, zone D With a big front is the perfect recipe to eviscerate a freshman’s QBs confidence. This could be the game where the DBs have a breakout performance. Although our O looks better than anything I’ve seen in a long time, we still have to show up. If king remains with NO sacks and NO ints, It would be hard to argue that we don’t belong with the big boys this year.


47 - 24

Once again UH calls off the dogs but this time not until the 4th with UH up 47-10.


Very well said top to bottom. I totally agree. Obviously will see what happens but I feel like there’s all these little things that are just slightly leaning in our favor and when you add them up things all together lean in our favor.

(CoogNation_14) #14

Yes, Sir! As much crap as we give CMD, I think he will have a good game plan to “LIMIT” their plays. We have talked about it a lot amongst our selves, but I think with this offense we would have won big last year. This game was the turning point last year. I think it will be again this year, but this year will crown our QB as legitimate nationally.


UH 99 Texas Tech -10


UH 45
TTech 44


Honestly I have no idea how this game will play out

I believe we are a better team and have a better coaching staff, but Tech has yet to develop an identity and we are coming off 2 wins against mediocre teams.


I will accept only 2 options here.

Either we blow out Tech by a huge margin, or we lose by less than a touchdown.

I know a win is a win, but I hate Tech’s guts and we better totally obliterate them. If we blow them out, then i think we are ranked. We will also finally get some national attention because the country is still sleeping on us. Arizona has gotten more attention for losing than we had for actually beating them. I also want to see Kliff lose his job knowing we were a part of the process.

DK4 for Hesiman



I know this. It will be high-scoring! I’ll say UH 42 TT-38. UH secondary is a huge concern for me going into this game. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tech scored more though.

(Tom) #20

If we win, we will likely rank in Top 25. So as we have done historical, we will get ourselves in a big hole early (turnovers) and fight back but not enough. 38-34 Tech.