Ted Pardee 12-28-17 - The Opening Drive - Omny.fm

(Patrick) #1

Ted Pardee talks about Houston’s season the trip to the Hawaii Bowl and more.

(Chris) #2

Thank you for posting Patrick. “Read between the lines” as they say, very insightful.
Every time you see his smile it reminds you of his dad. Mr. Jack must be proud. We miss you Mr. Pardee.

(Patrick) #3

Ted’s a straight shooter and very passionate about the Coogs. He answered the questions about Applewhite truthfully and said that Applewhite needed to win more next year.

Really happy that the Pardee’s are a part of the program and hope it continues. Payton, is on the roster now, but seems to want to get into coaching once he’s done. Ellie was part of the program, but has moved around the city and gained a ton of marketing experience. She’d be someone I hope is added to the athletic department at some point. Then there’s Luke who just finished his sophomore season as a QB at Klein Cain. Hope the staff is watching him.


Pardee, Brezina all among The First Families of UH…will be adding the Banes soon