Telling Tweet from Dunbar


I hope he had the balls to say this at the meeting.


He may have needed some time to sleep on it and reflect.

His immediate/knee-jerk reaction may not have been share - worthy

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Wow. Kid’s hurting and you dismiss/minimize it as he needs some sleep or doesn’t know what he feels. Nice. Here’s a link for ya:

I found his tweet telling, emotionally intelligent, and wise.

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My take…

He wanted it to sting and have major impact. This tweet does both.

From reports, Lot of players weren’t at the meeting.

Also, Farrow and A.McDonald were brought in to talk to the players that were there to help calm them down a bit beforehand.

I was responding to the person person challenging whether he had the balls to say it during the meeting.

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I am not interested in the spin from Herman. Once he started looking at contracts, we started losing.

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Competitive focus.

Guy does need to practice what he preaches at some point in his life.

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