Temple score prediction

(Patrick) #21

I don’t think this one will be close; Temple can’t shoot from the perimeter and the Coog defenders will be all over them. I’ll say 75-55


92 - 0 Houston

(Charles) #23

This Coog team is better than any of us realize. Coogs by 17.


I suffer from Post Traumatic Coog Disorder. I’ll take a win at any score.


Y’all know what today is?

Go Coogs

(Jason) #26

I like how you think! But the sims are a little more even on this one. The random first one I ran came out 73-71 Coogs with Cedric Alley going 0-for-10 from the field (0-for-7 being from 3) as the stat that stuck out to me. The random multiple sims I ran have Temple winning this game 57 percent of the time.

So, it should definitely be close.

But if Coogs are hot from 3 (as they have turned it up a notch lately) and the Owls can’t match, I could see that being the difference in the game being a little more one-sided. We shall see.

(Ryon Adams) #27

I see this one coming down to the wire.

UH 73
Temple 70


We’re gonna control this game from start to finish.
Coogs 77 owls 66


66-63 Coogs.


100-0 coogs win


Their defense is ELITE. Offense can be stall on occasion. Into further notice.

(John m Bevil) #32

The way Temple came back against Tulsa to force OT, shows they are veterans and
never feel out of a game. We have to get them and stay on them until the end. Shizz
is the real deal, we have to shut him down.


(Christopher W Allison) #33

This game is a 50/50 shot. Like CKS said, UH will not go undefeated in conference. We of course don’t want to lose, but I think we lose in a close one tonight. I also think a early season conference loss will relieve some of the pressure and will be a tremendous learning experience. But can they win? Heck yes they can!

64-61 Temple


Temple 71, UH 58


If the Temple team that scored 65 on UMass shows up, we win by 20. 79-59 UH.


UH 73 Temple 66. Go Coogs!


76 - 62 Coogs win!


I’d be surprised if this isn’t the Coogs toughest game in conference other than maybe Cincinnati.

Temple 67-66


UCF & Smoo will be tough at their place. But yeah, Temple is filthy good at home. I’ll be shocked if we win.

(Tom Green) #40

“Shocked” Ok then! :roll_eyes::smirk: