Temple @USF tonight. 6:30-ESPN

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Temple looking down from 15-16.
USF offense on a role.


This one shouldn’t be close, but I’ll be watching anyway. We need USF to keep winning, but hopefully Temple can expose more flaws in USF for the film session in a few weeks.

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Tonights a scouting op 4 a potential huge UH v USF matchup & UH v Temple in Philly.

Other than maybe Cinn, USF has an easy road to undefeated leading to vs UH in Tampa, Oct 28th.
Coogs have Memphis at home on Oct 19th


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It’ll be the first tough defense they face. It’ll be nice to see how USF/Quniton Flowers handles the pressure.


USF has an absolute cake walk to an undefeated season heading into their game with us. Cincy probably won’t put up much of a fight. Other than a good first half against a wildly overated Michigan team, Cincy has been terrible this year. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Temple’s defense can do against USF tonight. Should be telling.


USF… so many dumb plays. I think we matchup well with them.

I’m more worried about Tech, Memphis, and Navy.


Wow! What a bone-headed play by USF on that punt.


And Temple follows it up with an even more ridiculous sequence of plays.


Comedy of errors

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Both defensive fronts whipping the Olines.
Plays huge into what UH Def does well.


Except for that play. Can’t create a much bigger hole than that!


That USF line is incredibly undisciplined. If they’re jumping that much now, imagine when they have Big Ed lined up in front of them.

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Sounds like a reoccurring theme for USF games

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Wow there’s no one in the stands


flag on the play
"Man, the fans are getting cranky about this"
"Yeah, all four thousand of them"

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4th and goal stop!

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Unwatchable, switched to the Astros.

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Anyone still concerned about playing Temple?

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wow, Temple looks horrible.

hopefully this game is viewed nationally as “UCF is DOMINATE!” and they move up in the rankings.

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Coogs will be getting a beat up Temple backfield next week. Temple OLine barely slowing them down.
Only down by 13 at the 1/2 is lucky.