Go Temple.

So far, so good. Temple up 3-0 late in the 1st and keeping USF in check.

Wow, don’t think I’ve ever seen a ground ball punt until now. Somehow that ball made it through without touching anyone and went about 30 yards

USF TD. Just went right down the field without a problem.

I think if Mack Brown were to run for president, I would vote for him. He’s so “golly gee, aw shucks-ish”. :slight_smile:

I overlook his UT ties, he’s a great guy and I really enjoy his commentary. It’s refreshing compared to the likes of Rod Gilmore that enjoy pushing the have-not’s buttons with trolling comments.

Temple with a TD lead at half.

Temple might pull this thing out. Up 7 with 8:42 to go.

USF D isn’t good.

Temple wins and there will be a 3 way tie for first in the east.

Flowers hurt. Not good with Navy playing USF next week.

Pick on the next play. That should seal it for Temple.

Temple taking this

Temple up 44-30 with 3:17 to go.

Would really have liked to see USF ranked if they win.

I guess the bright side is they will be chippy for Navy next week.

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We needed them to lose for home field purposes for the championship game. Means if we win out and win the west, we host.

And a safety. USF has completely melted down this quarter.

They better be wanting redemption against Navy (Memphis too). Need our guys at NY6

Looked like Flowers pulled his hamstring

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