I totally understand why we want to play with a fast tempo but why not learn how to slow it down WHEN YOU NEED TO?

’ 3 and outs’ at warp speed continue to put our gassed defense in a bad spot. Wouldn’t you want to consider both sides of the ball and how to increase your chances at winning the game?

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One word applecrap.

This is the offense everybody wanted…well, maybe we can score 100 points against TSU next week. I hated the Runngun, run and shoot, whatever it was called, because it always gassed the defense and we rarely beat really good teams…

Cant you learn to play with TWO speeds, if needed? Is it that difficult? I mean, the offense and defense need to complement each other.

The score at the end of the 1st half was a direct result of the up tempo speed which did not take enough time off the clock and it gave our D no time to rest.

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