Texas A&M vs Michigan - Better than Netflix :)

(Lincoln Scott) #1

Seeing Texas A&M struggle against Michigan, currently 52-28 Michigan leading makes me so happy. So we currently are 23 points better than Texas A&M. #GOCOOGS. The wound dosen’t feel so bad anymore. I had a front row seat at the game in Wichita on saturday, I feel so much better now.

(Russel ) #2

Hell yeah man! I don’t think people realize how good our team really was at the end of the season…just how good defensively and how much of a physical team we really are.


I’m not feeling any better. Was hard to walk out of that arena last Saturday. Plus we could’ve been delivering this Aggie whuppin’ instead. The Aggies defense is nonexistent. And they turn it over like crazy.

(Marcus) #4

Actually it makes it feel worse. That should be us kicking Aggie butt en route to FL St or Gonzaga.



(Ricky ) #6

That should be us spanking them by 20. what could’ve been

(Jerrycoog) #7

I guess maybe now people might realize we are pretty good.

(br5exg) #8

Maybe we beat Aggie, maybe we don’t. One thing is for sure. The team that is humiliating them needed a miracle shot to beat us.

(Mark Jacob) #9

It would have been sweet to beat A&M.

(Eric) #10

im currently giving my aggie friends so much crap… feels good, but also incredibly frustrating that we should still be in it…


Right after A&M beat UNC, I said “I hope Michigan beats them by 20 points”

I’m happy :grinning:

(Gregg) #12

Poooooor Aggies!!!

(MM) #13

Poor Aggies

(PMM) #14

a$m was overrated all year. Hell, they were only 0.500 in the SEC.


Best part was… it wasn’t just a loss. It was a Retriever vs Cavalier type butt whoopin.

(Patrick) #16


Freaking lucky shot buggers. I think we could’ve taken fsu too! #argh