Texas announces that DBs John Bonney and Eric Cuffee will transfer

More transfers I wonder where they will go? Bonney is a gradute transfer

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Texas announces that DBs John Bonney and Eric Cuffee will transfer.

Damn, it’s pretty late in the game. Bonney is from Houston I believe.

Let the speculation begin.

looks like bonney who is from houston is a grad transfer
and cuffee will do juco for a semester…

will be interesting to see if we go after either…

another interesting transfer that happened this week is Timarcus davis from baylor… he was the highest rated commit under hermans last class, but decommited when herman left, to go to baylor …(he is a sit one play 3) if we decide to go after him

Bonney is from Houston he when to Lamar high school if I’m correct. Does UH have any more scholarships to offer?

IMO he was one of the toughest losses from that class given our CB depth at the time.

highest rated was Javelin Guidry, the other CB. We also had Terry Petry that class too.

Daniel young and the mlb that went to Old miss as well. As great as the 2016 class was… The 2017 was probably going to be better even if it didn’t had a 5 star like in '16. Also… Tyrie Cleveland was close to coming to UH in '16.


oh what coulda been.

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@DiehardCoog713 didn’t we also lose a linebacker that follow Herman to Texas in '17 recruiting class ??!

Marquez Bimage? I also remember a lineman, Sam Cosmi.

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Surprised you old Coogs didn’t know Jerry Bonney former Coog basketball player- decent College career was father to John Bonney. " Come on man!!. He also is very successful Attorney in Houston area. Ok good for today.


ya marquez bimage. i was a huge fan of him. a huge fan. we were the first to offer him then he blew up in the rankings. went to a 4 star.

Btw I’m actually a SHSU grad just been long long time Houston Coog backer, follower. Was around 8-9 yrs old when older brother took me to my 1st Coog basketball gm @ Delmar Fieldhouse in 67-68. Yes Hayes, Spain,Chaney, Reynolds, Lee was starting five. Been hooked ever since. 3 siblings are UH Grads but I’m a BearKat but most always assume I’m a Coog grad. I esp enjoy this site when some of the oldies on here reminisce, l listened to all Coog basketball, Football during 70s as young teenager. Lastly some of the younger ones on here get on my nerves but I digress. For most part it’s a good resource for a Loyal Coog fan. #GoCoogs


Looks like he is transferring to Texas Tech. Herman elected to not block the transfer within the same conference that coaches normally do. Bonney was on UT’s leadership council.

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Something is very fishy about that. Doesn’t sound very herman like.

I agree. You never see a coach let a transfer go through to a conference opponent. I wonder what this kid knows that gave him that kind of leverage.

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I agree, but do people usually block grad transfers? I think most don’t or can’t.

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A grad transfer is free to go anywhere.

Checked out the depth chart from last month. Bonney was 2nd team and Cuffee wasn’t listed on the two deep. Chances are both were hoping to get playing time and neither were making headway in practice. One or the other might be just as talented or more than what we have on the team right now, but It seems too late to get them in to transfer, settled in, learning the defense and getting to know the other players.

Each are probably better suited going to a smaller school that is desperate for an upgrade in talent.

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