Texas Billionaire Who Levered Restaurant Empire Hit on All Sides

Tilman taking it on the chin


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Tillman is not the only one taking it on the chin. I am down between 25 - 30 % in my retirement savings from end of December through end of January.


401Ks / 403Bs / IRAs have been slaughtered.

All true but Tillman did furlough workers and he prob gets bailout help. We all have 401ks and stocks will rebound with pent up demand after this is over. Once they develop a vaccine , maybe in a yr, there will be less fear. This is a big mess and I do wonder how this changes America much like 911 but there will be a global change. Maybe they start med scans at airports for instance. Lots of bars and restaurants and workers will be affected but I hope the stimulus package helps them.

I think we will be much better prepared going forward and probably come up with response plans just like the greater Houston area did after the Katrina hurricane and the one after with how we decide to evaculate Houston and so on. But the Swine Flu Pandemic was greatly over hyped and that was a decade ago. When those things happen future occurrences are far more likely not to be taken seriously.

We weren’t prepared as a country to respond to this situation at any level and for a long time. Basically, we have never been prepared for this situation.

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