Texas: Deshaun Watson Suffered Torn ACL During Texans Practice; Will Undergo Surgery

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Feel really bad for this spectacular athlete.


Wow. :frowning: Sorry to hear this.


Really sorry for Watson, he seems to be a good guy. Too bad the Texans don’t have a quality back up that can carry a team and keep them in contention like the Vikings. Well, maybe next year.

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If the texans were smart, they’d sign Greg Ward Jr as a QB


How unfortunate for Watson. How unfortunate for the Texans. Watson possesses so much talent. Just when fans were becoming hopeful that the Texans finally had a quality QB, he is lost for the season. The problem with a torn ACL…no guarantee he’ll be the same again. Football isn’t a fair game. Sometimes the sport is outright brutal.

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I feel sick about this. Star in the making. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.


I think the Texans are in the process of losing this city. They have been slightly above average so they never really got their claws into heart of this city. This city is becoming a baseball town.

The NFL should be worried. The CTE issues and the current unrest is rapidly eroding the fan base. Papa Johns is saying the NFL is hurting their sales.


I feel bad for the kid because he seemed like a genuinely nice person, his actions spoke louder than words. However, the Texans and the rest of the NFL is dead to me.

I come from a long line of military and I have many friends and family that have fought and died for our country. The country that has provided these individuals to get paid millions of dollars to play a game. As soon as that first knee hit the ground my TV went off the NFL and has not returned and will never return.


Houston isn’t a baseball town. Texans sellout regardless of record. If anything, with our large number of 1st generation immigrants, we could become a soccer town if the media really started pushing the Dynamo.

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Just had to erase a half dozen posts. Guys please don’t discuss the NFL kneeling issue, it’s divisive and instantly becomes charged and political. Please take that discussion elsewhere off coogfans. Thanks for your understanding.