Texas offers physical Houston LB commit Marqez Bimage

Texas offers physical Houston LB commit Marqez Bimage


Tom Herman is classless


Tom Turdman the Carpetbagger doing his thing.

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Trying to steal every single cougar commit. What a douche.


Why is turncoat Tom slumming for 3 stars. He is at by gosh Texas now, he should not accept calls from anything less than a 4 star.

His name is Judas Herman.

Aren’t they all 4 stars now that UT has offered?


I was thinking the same thing. Tom is going to get our class higher ranked by giving them offers. lol


In mighty Texas where all the 4 or 5 stars go… and he is going after our players… I think people are caught to his BS… couple of my ex students who attend UT came to visit me Friday…they told me many in Austin look at him as an opportunistic turd.



This tweet is priceless :joy::joy::joy:

“Texas University”


Realistically, times like these will likely many cause UH commits to compare the pull of Applewhite’s reputation and relationships in the state of Texas (and playing for him) against the pull of a UT.

I think CTH/LTH knows this. Whether suddenly leaving a school that literally gave him everything they could (and more), deceiving former players, or attempting to flip his former school’s recruits, in CTH/LTH’s mind, it’s apparently “just business.”

Unfortunately, this should not surprise us anymore.


Don’t sound good. We’ll see.

Don’t get caught up too much in the recruits. Some are going to leave and that’s their right to do so; rather they be happy/unhappy somewhere else than unhappy here.

Much like our assistants, I imagine some of these guys (or their coaches/parents) were told that if the coaching staff left for Texas, they’d get an offer from UT. Some of these offers may just be courtesy offers; doesn’t mean the recruit will take it (I.e. Smith and Young).

We’ll find guys that want to be here to replace anyone that leaves. There’s plenty of kids out there looking for a chance and will work hard for it. That’s the Coog way, right?


Anyone know if it’s customary for a new head coach and staff to go after commits like Herman and company have been doing ?

Not sure if it’s normal or not, can’t wait to the reaction in Austin if Herman is filling out his class with former UH commits.

If remember correctly, Strong had multiple top 10 classes during his tenure.

If Judas doesn’t bring a top 5 class year after year, its look upon as a failure by fans and boosters. Judas will have pressure to deliver quick. He gets a pass for 2017 due to the timing he has arrived as UT coach.

I don’t think he wrote Texas University on purposed. Like to make fun of them. If he did, genius.

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Would love to see the quote that Herman made when he came to us from OSU, get more press play. At that time he said he would not contact any OSU recruits as that “was not the right thing to do…”. If he is so good, why can’t he go and get his own recruits.

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Just look at Twitter feeds of UH recruits offered by UT recently…there is someone who posts it almost every time. #Relentless #1-0

The more I think about it, it won’t be easy bringing in 5 star recruits to Texas. You have Alabama & Ohio St tapping the state of Texas now. Still have LSU lurking with Oklahoma. Plus, you have the other Big12 schools, plus Houston with coach Applewhite who has a lot of connections in Texas. Texas is also coming off a embarrassing Kansas loss.

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