Texas Should Go To The Pac10


They’ll fit right in from an admission process standpoint:


PAC 10???

(Kendall Barrett) #3

That is pretty funny…and not far from the truth.
Pride Goeth Before A Fall…


Uh… you realize they are the PAC 12 now, right?


If there is ANY justice left in the world, they would be forced into independent status simply because no one wanted to be in a conference with them. THAT is what they deserve!

(P5_OR_BUST) #6

Not sure about no one wanting them. The Big 12 was so desperate to have them, it let them form the LHN. They are too big and too rich to ever become unwanted.

While most UH fans hate them, and want the worst for them, visit any Big 12 schools board and you’ll see their fans also hate them but offer begrudging respect and swallow their pride to accept the fact that while the Big 12 absolutely needs UT, UT does not need the Big 12 and would we immediately snapped up by any conference UT showed interest in.

Actually not a bad position to be in.


To the OP: They tried this already. In 2011, they were invited to join. On the Austin American Statesman, they wrote in large print, UT, TT, OU, & OSU to the Pac 10. That lasted for 24hrs. The same day Baylor was panicing and pleading with those teams to stay. Was funny, I tell you. Then they reversed the decision. Baylor shut up quickly. I was working in Austin at the time and living in Jarrell, TX.

(Patrick) #8

Sadly, that’s basically the reason why no other conference will think about realignment right now. With UT and OU possibly coming available, every conference will be readying a bid .

(P5_OR_BUST) #9

Sometimes I wonder if realignment is dead, at least as far as expansion with G5 programs is concerned. Certainly, The PAC is ripe for picking potentially. The Big 12 was ripe for picking and certainly remains a target with their top 3 properties (UT, OU, KU) all attractive to anyone.

If there is another round of realignment I think it’s most likely to be the Big 12 scooping up 2-4 pac schools and that’ll be that. Until the PAC 12 is settled all G5 program that harbor hopes of being invited to join the P5, better not hold their breaths.


I say join the Big 8. Imagine the showdowns with Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri !!!

(Butch) #11

Unfortunately you are correct…Yes they are rich and powerful and yes they have political clout. But the way to shut the chest beaters is to play them…and being in the same conference would at least allow us that chance…otherwise it just isn’t going to happen.
Let me note that I have no love for UT, but I do respect them on and off the field. When we start moaning about Texas we sound like a bunch of Agy high people…
Let’s concentrate on making UH the best we can be…end of story

(P5_OR_BUST) #12

All fanbasss see their own schools value as self-evident. The question then becomes why won’t they add us or they won’t add us because they are afraid of our value.

The truth is very few schools are actually that in reality. I’d say there are probably less than 10 schools that would qualify on that account.

See here’s the thing if you say anything that makes it look like you do not see the self-evident value you are automatically either not a true fan or worse yet someone from the other camp.

People can’t easily accept that while we a priori accept our schools inherent value, we also accept that we need to see things from the outsiders point of view and ask the question “what’s in it for them to add us?” The answer of that and that alone will determine whether any P5 adds UH.

Saying that when won’t add us because this program hates us or that program is afraid of us, is just a simple way of looking at an issue that had very complicated parts and needs very deliberate and cold calculations with millions of $ at stake feelings of “hate” and “fear” have no or at best a very small place.


Let’s see what a UH PAC 12 game will draw in Houston when it’s unlikely the PAC 12 will bring onky a handful of fans …uh oh …it’s happening this year with Washington State. UH better put on a good “show” when PAC 12 eyeballs are focused on us. Why would they want UH if there are 30,000 at that game? 30K at NRG looks really poor.

(Butch) #14

A lot will depend on how we do at OU…that’s life in the big city…


We’ve already recently played UCLA at home a couple of times. How was that attendance?


Well said P5. We all know we have what it takes but so far, no body else has noticed. Hopefully some P5 conference or some realignment thereof will work in our favor.

(Patrick) #17

TV Ratings are more important than butts in the seats these days.

Also, realize that Wazzu usually draws less fans to their games at home than we do at home and this game is on a Friday so this game isn’t a great barometer of what we would draw against other PAC12 teams.

When we played UCLA to open 2011, we almost sold that game out (31,144). That was coming off a 5-7 season, but it was also Case’s final season. We did play Arizona last year and drew 32,534 in a game that started at 11 am in early September.

The big issue with Pac12 expansion into Texas comes down to how many eyeballs does that really bring. I’m not sure on numbers, but I don’t think the Pac12 has many fans/alums currently in Texas. While adding Houston would give them a leg in the Houston area, they would probably need another school to help solidify the state. This is where Texas Tech could come in and be a great partner for UH. Tech has reach out west, in Dallas, and a bit into Houston. Question is whether Tech would be open to it. As of now, they’re waiting on UT just like everyone else.