Texas State - 12/4

Anybody seen them play or have a quick scouting report on them? I’m not too familiar with them as far as style of play.

I haven’t seen them play, but looking at their results so far they look like a decent team. Their two losses are @Air Force and @Baylor. They are blowing out the lesser competition like PVAM and a pretty good win @UNLV. Judging by Texas St.'s previous results, this seems like a game where we won’t be able to just out-talent them (like we did against HBU and Alabama St.), and Texas St. will be able to do a better job of punishing us for defensive mistakes.


our next 2 opponents have a similar scouting report… (south carolina & texas state)
above average to good defense, with very questionable offense…not very big in the post

specifically with texas state, they have 1 guy caring them on offense…a 6’5 guard (pearson)…he is taking 2-3x shots than anyone else…good at everything not great at anything…his size and versatility on offense will make him hard to defend
their pg (Harrell) is small but also likely faster than everyone on our roster


I just looked at KenPom and Texas St is #135 which isn’t bad. We are currently #32 at KenPom.

Some comparisons that I thought were interesting from KenPom:

#20 in Offensive efficiency
#66 in Defensive efficiency
#203 in tempo
#198 SOS

Texas St
#188 in Offensive efficiency
#112 in Defensive efficiency
#264 in Tempo
#323 SOS
seems like there a solid but not great team

For reference some of the other AAC teams:

Memphis(#39 in KenPom)
#28 in Offensive efficiency
#58 in Defensive efficiency
#10 in tempo
#256 SOS

Cincy(#50 in KenPom)
#82 in offensive efficiency
#33 in defensive efficiency
#67 in tempo
#214 SOS

Wichita St(#51 in KenPom)
#115 in Offensive efficiency
#13 in Defensive efficiency
#244 in Tempo
#277 in SOS

UConn(#53 in KenPom)
#63 in Offensive efficiency
#51 in Defensive efficiency
#188 in Tempo
#159 in SOS

I won’t be able to make the game on Wednesday because I have a Christmas party to go to, but for anyone interested, I received the following text about an hour ago. You might have to be signed up with ReplyBuy to use this.

Houston Athletics: Go Coogs! Exclusive Cyber Monday offer for our Men’s Basketball game vs Texas State. Wednesday, 12/4 at 7pm. Buy Club Seats for $27 each. (Regular $100)

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I just took advantage of this deal. $27 for the clubs seats is a good deal.


It’s an incredible deal. I’d be all over it if I could go.


does anybody know if they are still doing the deal where tickets are $10 for the upcoming 3 home games?

I’m pretty sure I saw few weeks ago where they were pre-season Co-Favorites to win Sun Belt Conf. I think these are good games to grade progress of developing team. Must win S.Car game imo to build resume. Different bounce of ball off rim of being 4-1 for talented but young group. #GoCoogs


How in the name of James Hogg are we at 32 in kenpom?

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Jefferson Davis Hogg says rep.


kenpom uses protective data… to try and keep it accurate even in the early season…

if not it would be like rpi (the old system that doesnt use projective data), that has utep the #2 team in the country right now…rpi is usless till 3/4’s of the season is played

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I’ve seen them play twice, you are right about Pearson. He takes good shots too, he isn’t a jack fest like a lot of low major scoring leaders. We should be able to key in on him and make others beat us. They will rotate the bigs, nothing really special from any of them but they do play hard. The little guard does run around like crazy but cant finish inside well. They are a typically Kaspar team so expect a scrappy bunch who will try to make the game ugly.


Could have been mistaken for IMA HOGG!!

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TXST struggled with careless turnovers in our first few games but it looks like we have cleaned that up some. ( Or I hope so anyway)

Our biggest issue I think is that our offense can be a bit streaky. As fortworth coog said, Kaspar’s teams will play scrappy D for two full halves though. They’ll try and slow the game way down and turn it into a defensive battle. That has won us some games and kept us in it against Baylor even when we didn’t shoot or handle the ball particularly well. Baylor ultimately won though so we obviously can’t get away with that against more talented teams like Houston. I thought we looked like the better squad against UNLV but they’re still coming together under a new staff.

I didn’t see the airforce game because they played at the same time as our homecoming game but from what I can tell, it was probably just a flukey early season loss. AF shot 46% from 3 while we were ice cold 16% against our first real opponent.

We have shown glimpses of being a solid team this year but I still think Houston wins this. An upset though wouldn’t surprise me if you guys come out flat and we shoot the ball well. I just don’t think we’re talented enough offensively to match you.

There are alot of TXST alumni in the area, we should at least have a decent fan turnout for a midweek game. I live in Manvel and will be there.

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i kinda hope neither play. dejon & nate have only had 1 good game and it was versus a over matched team…force them to step up versus a team that can beat them if they don’t play well…


I think the woman’ name had a lot to do with why she was an old maid.

I always want for us to field the best team possible in every game, so it hurts that those two may not play.

That said, I suspect that we’ll still beat Texas State at home, even without them.

Hopefully they’ll be ready for that upcoming SEC opponent on the road.