Texas Tech, Baylor and the D


You can accomplish much of the same thing that this type of offense looks to achieve without going at break-neck speed. As long as you limit substitutions, forcing the defense to use the same players, you can take a pause to read the defense and make sure that you have the play and players to attack it properly. There should be multiple variations to allow the QB to change the play if need be and still run without subs. This way, the defense still has little chance to rest, and the offense can still run fast without being reckless.

Ultimately, the point is to score and to wear down the opposing D. That’s more effectively accomplished by constantly keeping the D on its heels and guessing than by simply going ultra-fast, IMHO.


The answer is Jack Pardee (if he wasn’t dead) He is associated with high tech offenses but his true talent was on defense.

Jack is right up there, in my estimation, with Coach Yeoman.

Jack believed in pressure defense.

No one ever talks about 1988 team. We played a 10th ranked Wyoming in the Dome and we torched them with defense. Pull up that tape and watch Glen Montgomery.


“Bend, don’t break” defensive philosophies/schemes are incompatible with a “hurry up and punt/score” offense. If you are committed to the current offensive scheme your defensive scheme should match it. The correct defensive scheme is a “pressure defense that takes chances and has a lot of pre snap movement.” Under this defense you will give up big plays but you will also create turnovers and occasionally make the other team punt quickly. If the other team scores, well…now you get the ball and a chance to score. No matter what you will mitigate the time the defense is on the field. Keeping the defense on the field for long drives exacerbates the lack of depth and wears out the defense. Just one man’s opinion.


Did you consider in your analysis that the defense faces 15 + possessions per game??? Because the offense plays so fast that they get 15+??
How about that the offense is # 130 in time possession at 24:00 minutes.
Army has top of 39:45. So UH defense is on the field for 15:45 more.
UH is # 64 in yards per play at 5.5
Army is # 95 at 5.9
Army is # 1 in fewest Opp plays at 54.6 per game
UH is #130 at 91.5
So Army is #17 in total defense yet face 37 less plays per game than UH…that’s why people who understand this stuff use yards per play instead.
Did you know that UH is #74 in Opp Avg Team passer rating ?
T#76 in Opponets Points per Possession at 2.08 with UT
#69 in Pass Efficiency Defense by NCAA…Texas is 63
#85 in Opp yds per attempt
#75 in yds per completion
Faces most passes per game at 42.9…guess who faces 2nd most? Wake Forest…2nd fastest offense pace in nation…at 3.05 plays per min…are you seeing the trend???
Has most opp completions per game at 26.2…guess whose 2nd…Wake again
Also has 10th most opponents incompletions per game at 16.6…most is 17.6
I could go on

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Manster, you are obviously confusing some folks with facts. You have got to stop that. You are making a lot of enemies.:joy:


If Tech loses to UT tomorrow, they’re looking at a 6-6 or 5-7 finish, so I wouldn’t use the Tech program as a model for where UH wants to be. If Donofrio can hold most offenses under 40 points ( a difficult item these days) I can see Donofrio staying. But it’s asking a lot from an offense to put up huge numbers each week.

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Great win !

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There’s lies, damn lies, and statistics. You can’t compare what team A does gainst opponent B with what Team C does against opponent D and have valid stats. But you can sure make some compelling arguments.


Not sure where I said we should model anything after TT.
I wouldn’t. If your referring to me saying that KK has slowed down offensively?? He has and defense improved.
I don’t think 40 points allowed defensively should be acceptable.
Gibbs gave up 20 pts a game 2014 at UH. Then gives up 43 for 2 years at TT…why does that happen??
I know why.
As far as the offense putting up Hugh numbers each week…they won’t. Briles has few games year at Baylor where it didn’t and they lost big.
And that’s why this offense is a problem. When it doesn’t work you use no clock. It doesn’t need to be that fast. They lost at least 2 games every year at Baylor. Isn’t the idea to win championships?


See if this looks familiar…

Baylor offense pace is 3.58 plays per minute. This year vs Tech Briles ran at 3.78…we lost 63-49. Look at the other scores…these are all games Baylor lost or gave up 40 or more in 2012
heres some more below



RW9576, I think you have it right.

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I also agree with the attacking, blitzing defenses. I always liked the USC model when Bush and Leonard were there where they attacked on offense and defense. Seems like you bring out the best qualities and would attract the best personnel if they know they will put up stats (sacks, turnovers, interceptions).

I also think the coaching turnover is hurting us to some degree in the secondary and you do need some continuity. Turnover hurt us on the offensive line with all the new coaches and we are seeing it in the defensive backfield, too.