Texas Tech Game Road Trip

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Anyone planning on going to Lubbock for the game this season? I’m deciding if I want to go. I can get good ticket prices on stub hub and a decent flight/hotel/rental car.

(itcoog) #2

I am taking an RV up there on Friday through Sunday with my son. Should be a good time.


Already got my tickets also, coming up from San Antonio area

(Jay C.) #4

Flying up on the 7:40 P.M. nonstop from IAH Friday night, got a pretty good deal on a travel package through Expedia. Hotel is 3.5 miles from the stadium. Flying out Sunday morning.

(Dustin K) #5

I’m thinking about going but have a few things I need to settle first before I can commit.

(Paul Marlow) #6

Starting the drive up Thursday afternoon with a pit stop in Austin. The Overton and Hyatt are sold out. I found a La Quinta about a mile from the stadium with reasonable prices.

(SKE) #7

Most hotels are filling up for Saturday night. I’m in at the Garden Inn. No tickets yet.

(Tom Green) #8

What Airline is that through.

(Mike Higdon) #9

I’m driving up and to make the trip easier, I may stay in Sweetwater or Abilene and drive to Lubbock the next day, then back to SW or Abilene Saturday Night, for an easier return Sunday.

(SKE) #10

Red. All driving is easy out west. I’m in central Texas and everything west of here is easy… I 35 and I 45 is a different story for sure. Driving out west is a breeze.

(Mike Higdon) #11

Yeah move, I know; but 500+ miles is still a long haul. If I stay in Abilene, I could get up early Sunday morning and be back home in time for afternoon football. On the other hand, I could make it to Lubbock on Friday and still head to Abilene Saturday night.

(Jay C.) #12

United/United Express