Texas Tech: It Won't Be Close

Texas Tech is terrible. They play zero defense. Granted they can score, but they have not faced a defense like the one they will see on Saturday. Our offense improved tremendously between Arizona and Rice. I understand that Rice does not have the people Arizona does, but Kyle Allen was a surgeon last night. Our offensive line will dominate a porous defense. This isn’t the early 2000’s and there will be no basketball like scores on Saturday. Look for another spanking of a Big 12/10 poser.

I love your optimism. Our secondary has played well, in fact has played much better than anticipated, but they haven’t faced a very good offense yet.

BUT we haven’t shown our pressure packages yet either. Saturday will be fun.

I like our chances and all but our offense isn’t good enough to keep up with Tech if they have a good day with their passing game.


Our defense will stop them more than their defense will stop us. They’ll put up some points against us but we’ll get the necessary stops and they won’t. I think we’ll win this one comfortably.


It’s an interesting matchup. Personally, I think it favors the team with the elite defense and serviceable offense over the team with the good offense and horrific defense. We win both of those matchups.


We are going to embarrass TT

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I took a peek at Raider Power. Those guys always fall back on their conference affiliation, and never on their own accomplishments (probably because they don’t have any). It’s like listening to Rutgers fans act like they’re Ohio State.


They have an excellent group of receivers and speed at RB. If the QB delivers the ball quickly and takes what’s available, they’ll score some points. If our LBs do their jobs, we’ll be fine.

The defense is closer to Rice than Arizona, so we should have some success, especially if we can continue to get better in the running game.

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I don’t agree about whipping Tech but I will be very happy to be totally wrong.

This won’t be a cakewalk people. There’ll be too much pride in this game for that to happen. That being said we better freakin’ win.

I just want a win against another P5 with a chance to run off some wins.

Just 1-0 is all that matters. Very concerned about qb that can get rid of the ball quickly.

We have played an elite Air Raid team in the past year – Oklahoma.

We know what we have to do, and can do it, but make no mistake Tech’s offense can be deadly so we gotta obviously bring our A game.

Different dc and missing some very good players.


Eh. Aside from the fact that we’re down a couple defensive players from last year, OU wasn’t really a strict Leach-style Air Raid team last year in the same way Tech is.

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How can Tech be considered a great offense when they run so many of those swings passes? Everything I read says those are just garbage plays.


Hope we do something to recognize our former DC and interim HC and our former OC.


I agree; both have been complimentary of Houston after leaving.

I think our defense will be just fine but our offense will struggle. People worry about our secondary. If we didn’t have an amazing defensive line, then maybe our secondary would have more pressure but it’s going to be hard for defenses to test our secondary because they can’t just sit comfortably in the pocket to pick it apart. A new defense is more about communication than anything else so whether you play bad teams, average teams or good teams, the communication is always there. New offenses are more about timing. For example we all pretty much assume that our offense has held back part of the playbook for games like Texas Tech. But by doing so, it means these special plays are only being done in practice. If we score over 30 points, it will probably be because the defense either scored some points or put the offense in really good position several times. I think we win but the only way we win big is if Tech just starts to tumble out of control after falling behind.

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That is Coogfans gold right there. While I like the swing passes, I have to say that throwing them inside the opponent’s 10-yard line is not my preference – there is not enough space to spread the defense out.

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