Texas Tech Ticket Count

Let’s just make the Tech fans watch from the parking lot. Or better yet, Lubbock. Can we do that? lol


We made UT fans with tickets watch from Hofheinz so we have the playbook.

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That is right! We are packing Robertson regularly by comparison. Patience folks! Let’s keep our Hype up and people will feed off it. Two days till GAMEDAY!! Positivity up!!!

This past game I had chills when everyone around me knew the words to our fight song and were screaming at the top of their lungs! I’ll take that over a pure numbers! Section 233


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I would like to see empty seats go to students as well, but the problem is that if you give the students the tickets, they will NOT sit up where they are suppose to. They will all be jammed into the student section or the concourse.


Yes. Especially with the change in our student culture or spirit over the years I expect us to see more and more become season ticket holders to at least one sport. The increase and new blood, new traditions is what we need.

I grew up going to games and my father’s generation still have season tickets but unfortunately they are getting older every year. We have to keep welcoming in the new graduates or fans from all walks.

Also, of the 100,000 alumni in the area, I wonder how many of them have allegiances elsewhere as maybe they only did grad school here or went to UT for a few years but graduated here and consider themselves UT fans. I also know there are a number of self loathing alumni who hated that they had to go to “Cougar High”, fortunately again I think that is a smaller aging population but they exist.

It is the future fans and alumni that will help us grow and the future is bright.

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We did a count last year and came up with 39,954 that could be counted. Including handicap and others that couldn’t be counted, we guessed the total was a little more than 40K.

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50 for student guest? A bit steep no?

I would think so. $30 would have been about as high as I would go.

How much are Longhorn student guest tickets?

Seriously, hopefully they can add more students to the crowd and if they want to bring a guest, they can shell out $50 which is a discount to the secondary market.

It is student guests, my guess is 20 to 30 is the appropriate price point.

I think the highest percentage is the foreign born students from Asia, Middle East and South America that have little to no representation on the field and grow up in cultures that do not follow American football. Unless they end up in fraternities or sororities that support sports, it’s hard to blame those students if they never develop an interest in UH sports.

Harvey is not helping so with a couple of days to go it is up to our marketing department to step up. We have had more than two weeks to think about this. This is where High School students attendance can become a big plus for us. If it is a matter of let’s say two thousands seats we have to look at a combination of students and HS students. It will benefit us in the long term. $50 is way to high. We have sponsors that can also help us. I am sure that this has been brought up but the ticket office and marketing need to do a better job. We gotta sell out.

50 for a student guest, no bueno …seems like gouging to me after a hurricane,

It’s $50 for a guest ticket. Does that mean a student who already has a ticket plus their friend? Essentially 2 tickets for $25?

Or because you’re a student you get a free ticket plus $50 for another ticket? And they’ll sit you together in the 300s in the east or west corner?

This one

Houston Athletics will have student guest tickets for select home game played at TDECU Stadium for $20 each, based on availability and students may purchase guest tickets on game day.
Student guest tickets will NOT be for the Student Section.These tickets will be for a reserved seat in the 300 level. Students wishing to sit with their guests, must purchase a reserved ticket for $20.
Students may purchase up to two (2) student guest tickets per game.

Seeing as that is for the $20 games, it wouldn’t be a reach to say they are paying $50 for a reserved ticket to sit with guests which is unbelievably wrong.

Nobody adheres to this rule. It is funny that they think someone would buy a guest ticket and then not sit with them.

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Wtf? So they’re reserved prior to them being available for students. If they’re not sold prior to game day, then they make it available to students under this “deal.” So that means there could be zero available game day?

On top of that, they’re increasing the price because it’s TT?

But are they losing money? If each ticket was originally $65, but for students two tickets are guaranteed for $50, how does that make sense?

Am I getting something wrong??

Ok your point helps clarify my confusion.

But again, who the F would want that??

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