Texas Tech unraveling

(PortlandCoog) #1

31-17 beginning of 3rd OSU…

(Tom) #2

Tech D is tiring. Okie wii hang 50 on them.


So what does that say about us?

(PortlandCoog) #4


Just helps if someone who beats us wins in power rankings.


Therefore, no help for us! Exactly. Tech was NOT all that and not the big scoring machine some made them out to be. We got beat by a weak sister and squeaked by another weaker sister today.


Tied at 34 mid q4

(Al) #7

That was insightful and a real display of football acumen. Congrats. See the score tied? Who is this expert analyst ? And Tech just made a goal line stand. Tell us more.

(Tom) #8

UH let an opportunity slip with Tech, would have been a great win to start CMA era. On to SMU . Go coogs

(Ricky ) #9

It look a like Texas Tech has a better team than everyone thought this year. Would love to see them drive down the field and force overtime.

(J V ) #10

Our D held them to less points.

(Albert) #11


(Brad) #12

More lesser