Thanks Case

(G.W.) #1

For giving Coog Nation another month to care about football.
Great year and wishing you continued success.

(VancouverCOOG) #2

… And a hefty new contract!!!


I am proud to call myself a Coog because of him. He has carried himself so well during high and low times and has been nothing but a class act. So thank you for everything Case.

I really feel for him right now because I know he shoulders all of the blame for the loss. The sad thing is that I saw some online Viking fans turning their back on him shortly after the turnover.

I just know that if he gets a chance to redeem himself he will.


I read about the game on the comical. The story was decent and pointed out the failings of the whole Vikings squad. The comments, as usual, at odds with everyone outside of Texas, were so anti Case, I could not believe it. All about him being a back up. The illogical ranting was basically stupid and made no sense if you watched the game or read the story. I sure am tired of this BS.

(Mike Higdon) #5

I don’t think he needs any more redemption than anyone else on the team, including the coaching staff. The Eagles burned the Vikings secondary worse than Sherman burned Atlanta.

So Case, I’m rooting for you guy, you will have more good times to come and maybe you can get to the Super Bowl next year. Wishing you and Kimberly all the best.

(br5exg) #6

Yes, Thank You Case!!!


I agree with you, I guess I am just a little surprised/bummed reading all the blame be put on him by the so called Viking “fans”.


I am not surprised its all we heard from all the pundits. Is that He is not starter quality etc… He is always going to have this stigma until He performs in multiple seasons.

I just hope He gets paid and gets out before He gets hurt.

(PortlandCoog) #9

The Eagles were just better, end of story. And they sliced up the Vikings D with ease. The pick 6 didn’t help and was ugly, but hardly why they lost the game.


The INT was the result of being hit, so not his worst moment. I thought the overthrown ball into the end zone was his worst pass, but the game was pretty much decided by then.

He didn’t have a very good game, but he was far from the reason they lost. Getting whipped on the line on both sides of the ball was what sealed their fate.


The Eagles were dominant on both sides of the ball. End of story.

If they bring this type of performance to the SB, then they can beat NE.


NEVER READ the Chron comments. Advice from a professional Keenum fan, ha ha.


I’d like to see that happen. Well-played game/season all-around for Philly and I can’t stand em. I’ve got Cowboy Fan blood in my genes.

(Patrick) #14


Yes, this was just a tough day for Minnesota. They played one of their worst games of the year, and the Eagles played one of their best. It happens. In the end, Case was one of only four QBs with a chance to help his team to the Super Bowl, and that’s pretty good company. The Vikings have a tough choice to make about which QBs to bring back, and I don’t know all the financial constraints involved, but I’d love to see Case stay with Minnesota.