Thanks to all those people who did not renew

Finally, I was able to move me and the family into the grey seat back chairs in section 305. I’m planted there for the long haul.
Can’t wait to watch our O light up the scoreboard from a better vantage point!


I think it was the ticket brokers who did not renew. For the past three seasons the row in front of me has been completely empty and I attribute it to ticket brokers who bought them during Herman and were unable to sell tickets after he left. I’m waiting to see if I’ll have people in front of me this season.

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i think it was people who hated how we did last season that didn’t renew. there are several front row seats on the lower level. i was tempted to upgrade down there but i like my first row seat in 233 better.

That is the section where we have our seats. One of the best sections without the rowdiness of the student sections below.

Those front row seats in the 200 section are awesome. I’m in row 7 ( in honor of Case… not really but it sounded cool) . I didn’t think to check row 1 in my section 231.

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yeah it looks like im going to stay there even when my young alumni season tix deal expire. i love the view and section.

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