That red light thing was cool 😎

(Munzell Milluns) #21

Which one? The Red Light District or Chicken’s head?

(Jimmy Morris) #22

Was referring to the red light district complaint but feel free to add Chicken’s head in that top 5.

(Jason) #23

Fair enough…but come on…drain people’s cell phone batteries??? Show some team spirit!

I actually thought it looked pretty cool.

(Tom Green) #24

Clyde is nowhere to ever be seen at any Cougar Athletic events. He abandoned program imo.

(Tom Green) #25

I did too, although told my wife looked like too much trouble to mess w so I chose not to touch my phone. I never have my ph in my hand during the gms. As a 59 yr old that’s just a no go…too old school here. I don’t see how people send comments during whole gm on this forum. Not saying it’s wrong , I just can’t do esp if I’m at the gm w my wife no way Jose…Come On Man !!! :grinning:

(Jason) #26

And I would have to concur with you there…taking a few pics is one thing…having full text conversations is completely pointless.

(Gerald) #27

The wifey and I liked it and was upset we could not participant. We did not see the red cover in the cup holder until after the game …

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #28

Thought it looked pretty cool and had a pretty good sample of people using the red films.

I simply held mine over the light for a min then put it down didn’t see any reason to stick it on the phone.

(David) #29

It must have been popular enough for people to take the red covers from my seats before tip-off.


That’s a great idea Johnny! You’re a genius. Why don’t Pez have phone charging ports built into the armrest of the seats? I wonder if the expensive seats have that feature.

(Munzell Milluns) #31

Red light cover thieves could be a new complaint possibility if we can show a pattern.

(JohnnyCougar) #32

If you had everybody in their seat and were all able to peel off the sticker and kept their phones in the air during the entire starting lineup intros then it would have been impressive.

But I truly doubt this fanbase would be capable of that.

It did have a nice little starlight effect so it wasn’t a total loss. I guess I was a little harsh but that was before I had my coffee so I plea insanity.

(Randy Randel) #33

Including paying for a floor he “committed” to.

(Tom Green) #34

Really. Tell me more … hehe. I’m not deep in the program as some of you are, I just read btw the lines a lot. Seems like he’s almost embarrassed w UH agenda. Whenever Worrell brings up Coogs on Rockets broadcast he might say or word or two but never goes into detail, Bullard will talk more about them then Clyde will. Have yet to see him at FC for a game.

(Cristian) #35

We thought it was unique and simple. We put ours in our case because as others have stated it was hard to peel but we didnt know about it till they showed it. Then we asked the guy next to us how it was done. Our fault for getting there just before NA but academy had that sale. To my surprise there were alot of people in their seats prior if you got that many people to do it. I saw alot of people saying wow and asking how to do it also so it was a great idea IMO.

(Charles) #36

I was home sick so my tickets went to a first timer at the FC (NASA engineer, so not a dummy) and he came back, “wow, that red show was great.”


It looked pretty cool. Maybe some people need to have the ushers handle the logistics for them. :grinning:


This photo says it all. And it looked good on TV. Nothing lame about it.

(Dan) #39

This is another level but I went to watch the real UT play basketball last Tuesday and they have you download an app hold your phone up and everyone’s phones sync to make a flashing light show. It’s unbelievable youtube it.

(Cristian) #40