The 10 Most Disappointing Postseason Performances In Houston History

Coogs make the list twice

How does the 1986 Astros-Mets game 6 not make the list? Score 3 in the 1st and hold that lead until the 9th inning. Then lose in 16 innings.

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Maybe because the Mets were the best team in baseball that year and it was mostly one player (Dave Smith) that had the bad performance and not the whole team?

How is the 2011 Conference Championship Game not in the top 10? We were at home, heavily favored, first undefeated regular season and were on the brink of going to our first BCS bowl. “Performance” wise it was definitely worse than the Oilers performance against the Steelers. Especially since the Oilers were robbed.


I agree with shaggy the 2011 Conference Championship Game should be in the top 10. If I remember correctly that year if we were on our 45 yard line or closer, we would go for a first down on fourth and whatever (except for obvious field goal attempts). In this game we had fourth and something I believe on their 40 or so and CKS sent the punt team out and Case had a WTF look on his face and called time out. Loosing this game and not going to Sugar Bowl (BCS) was a big let down for the group I am in with.

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What a depressing trail of misery that is. And you guys are right…the 2011 Conference title game for sure should be included considering what was at stake.

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Yeah, that was bad. But Ole Summy has not been within sniffing distance of a conference championship since then.

Man, Pendergast tries to add too many recent events in there.

For the Rockets, I get the disappointment in James Harden, but I’d think Tracy McGrady’s tenure was probably worse. Never out of the first round, the Game 7 loss to the Mavs by 40, the 2 straight Jazz losses when McGrady refused to drive in the 4th quarter and three after three clanged off the rim.

I’m not sure why the Texans-Chiefs game is on there; everyone knew the Texans were overmatched in that one. Not sure a Texans performance belongs on this list.

As far as the Oilers, the Buffalo debacle is the one that gets all the press, but the previous year’s loss to Denver might have been just as bad. 28-6 lead in Denver at halftime only to lose at the end when Elway flips the ball over Jerry Gray when Gray decided to go for Elway instead of covering the receiver for a second longer. 40 yards later and a field goal on the next play ended one of the most depressing games I’ve ever seen.

You could also throw in Jerry Glanville’s last game when he lost in the first round to the Steelers in a butt-kicking that saw him get fired for Jack Pardee.

Or the 61-7 loss in Cincy when Sam Wyche decided to rub it in on the Oilers, but everyone knew that one was coming.

For the Astros, '98 was disappointing, but '99 and '01 were pretty bad as well as they just couldn’t get past the Braves even though they had chances. '99 was the Walt Weiss series when he made that great play with the bases loaded in Game 3 and '01 was the strange choice by Dierker to use Mike Jackson instead of Wagner to close out one of the games in Atlanta.

And adding Pujols homer when we won the next game was disappointing, but what about heading to St. Louis with a 3-2 lead and Roger Clemens on the mound in Game 7 with a lead and not winning the year before.

But yes, the 2011 CUSA championship should have been on there unless you count it as part of the regular season.

U of H:
Loss in the Cotton Bowl to BC and what came after due to uta and atm partnering with the ncaa to alienate us.

87-88 season 1st round loss to the Mavericks. This was the beginning of some very underachieving Teams. Remember the turmoil culminating in 92 with Hakeem wanting to leave.

Oilers: Without saying. I can still see/hear myself upset/fuming outside.

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