The 2018 and 2019 seasons are more pivotal than the Herman years, and will probably be two of the most important seasons of our program's history


2018 Schedule (Conference games not in order)
Texas Tech
AAC Championship
NY6 Bowl Game

2019 Schedule (Conference games not in order)
Washington State
North Texas
AAC Championship
NY6 Bowl Game

… CFP?

  • College Football Playoffs
    We shouldn’t expect anything less than undefeated for the 2018 season. Rice is Rice. Texas Tech is Texas Tech. Arizona will be our biggest out of conference threat, but I think we can beat em. If we can stop Flowers, we can stop Tate. We go undefeated here, we win the AAC Championship, we win the NY6 Bowl Game, and sorry coogfans, we don’t make the playoffs. However, we do end up ranked top 10 in the AP. We start the 2019 season against Oklahoma. We play TBA, and then Washington State after that. This is all assuming OU and Washington St are both ranked, which they should. We should be 5-0 assuming we play below average TBA OOC games. We start and finish the 2019 conference games undefeated, we win the AAC, and we win the NY6 bowl game, and BAM. We make the playoffs because we have an undeniable resume for playoffs for a G5 team.

  • Ed Oliver
    2018 is the last year we have this guy. If we win the NY6 bowl game, hopefully we find another 4 or 5 star to take his place considering how much of an impact he’s had for us. An undefeated season, and an NY6 bowl game should help recruiting big time to find a replacement. Now speaking of recruiting…

  • Recruiting
    There is no doubt that we will easily get top rated recruits given the above scenarios. We are already a recruiting powerhouse given our circumstances. We are only going up from here if we continue to win and win. 4 stars and 5 stars want to play in the NFL, and if they get a chance to play for the best G5 team, they will dominate other G5 teams.

  • Power 5 Candidacy
    There’s no chance we get an invite to any P5 conference before GOR dates. Therefore, we need to prove to the NCAA that we can hang with the big boys. Even if we don’t win the College Football Championship, to even make the playoffs would be a huge deal for us. 2023 is right around the corner from 2019. If we accomplish want we all want accomplished, we will continue to be a dominate force all the way through realignments.

  • Risk Scheduling Out of Conference Games
    2018 will be the last year we will ever play a highly marketed team like Oklahoma before post-season. Therefore, we have to take advantage and win that game. If we dominate 2018 and 2019, then P5 teams aren’t going to want to play or schedule future games with us. Yeah we play Washington State, Kansas, Vanderbilt and Goergia Southern in the 20’s, but those aren’t teams that have huge markets in the south like OU.

This is all me just talking out of my ass and I could probably think of more bullet points to add, but here’s all I have for now.

Go Coogs!


Love the enthusiasm! However…undefeated 2 years in a row?

(Eric Prado) #3

High expectations

(Patrick) #4

Yep, let’s get through the rest of this season before trying to predict what will happen two years from now. Still have two tough games remaining and then a bowl game and there are no guarantees.

And as far as expecting undefeated seasons, more than likely, you will be disappointed. Coogs have never had an undefeated season. Not saying it can’t happen, but a lot of changes can happen between now and next year. We don’t know what will happen at head coach for Tech, Rice, USF, Memphis, SMU, or even Tulsa, nor do we know about signing classes for next year or transfers. We don’t even know if we’ll have changes to our staff or what players will still be here.

Do love the enthusiasm though.


Now that the Astros have won the World Series, the other thing on my Bucket List is the Coogs having an undefeated football season. The sooner, the better.

(Al) #6

I like the way you think,3rd Ward!!!

(John Simpson) #7

I’m all for it. But under that scenario brace yourself for all the “Applewhite to…” rumors. Price of success in the G5.

(Charles) #8

Appreciate the enthusiasm but you know what else comes out of the ass besides talking.


Probably Applewhite to UT since Herman laid an egg, lol…but if that’s the case, that means we will have had or be close to the seasons described above. Sign me up, I’d rather loose a coach and have a winning ride than wallow in mediocrity, until we get to a more lucrative conference that is…


Gotta love message boards…few weeks ago CMA needed be fired…now he’s gonna win out in 2017, go unbeaten in 18 and 19 and get taken away by P5


Lofty hopes but I don’t see applewhite being the one to fulfill them for you.


Ive never said to fire CMA. We would be having the same results even if Herman was still here. What GW was to Herman is what Manziel was to Sumlin

The biggest issue for us was the QB position

And like i said, im talking out my ass which means I know everything I said is a big What If

It’s not impossible though

(Eric Prado) #13

I wish I could retweet this or magnify this post somehow


Was not an attack on you…just board sentiment in general…not saying you wanted CMA fired.

(Tom) #15

Hate to rain on you parade, but , after Memphis and Tulsa , this young coaching staff has proven they will be out coached at least two in division games next season.


I disagree. I think the staff is calling games better than in September and hopefully CMA will make adjustments in the off season either in philosophy or staff, maybe both.

It seems like we’ve been blitzing more but I still don’t like our DB coverages. Offense started to throw long before USF game but KP couldn’t hit them. I still think we’re too hard-headed with the inside run game and the dink-dunk passes. We seem to go to the well too many times in a row. I’ve seen this scenario play out too much for my liking: 1st down, 7 yard gain, 2nd down 3 yd gain and new set of downs, 1st down no gain or lose yards.

My high school coach did stuff like that, run the same play over and over until they stop it. Not a good strategy for beating the better opponents.d


Yes I’ll take another shot and let me tell you something else…


If we win CMA is gone. Probably during the season to cause a huge distraction so we lose. Then he takes takes the staff and top recruits to put us back in our “place”. We need to somehow be proactive against this happening.


I agree regarding the bubble screens. And sideways passes. In general our WRs don’t block well. On numerous occasions the blocking WR on bubble has been pushed back into receiver before he has even caught the ball. We have also stopped offensive momentum by gaining several first downs and then throwing backward passes for 6 yard losses to kill drives


So our staff is learning on the job and yet still has the issues we had when we played uconn several years ago.