The American Huddle Season 2

(Patrick) #1

Cougar talk starts about 3 minutes in.

(Patrick) #2

Week 2 of the college football season is right around the corner!

The American Huddle breaks down this weekend’s most highly anticipated matchups

Cougar talk starts around 3 minutes.

(Patrick) #3

Houston talk starts at 3:30

With week 2 officially in the books, sit back, relax and tune in to a brand new episode of The American Huddle as we recap a POW6RFUL week across the conference!

(Patrick) #4

Houston talk starts at 6:40

(Patrick) #5

Houston talk starts at 6:28

(Patrick) #6

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(Patrick) #7

Tulsa-Temple tonight
UCF-FAU tomorrow night


Kind of surprised UCF is only a 13.5 point favorite right now. Here’s hoping UCF wins, but FAU is able to reveal some UCF flaws.

(Patrick) #9

Coog talk around about 7:21 in

(Charles) #10

I’m curious if there will be a “special week-night edition of the American Huddle” next week before UH-Tulsa. I"m not impressed by the coverage of UH delivered by Hali and the large man. We’re usually presented at the end almost as an after-thought while they salivate over the Eastern Division. Hali is an ECU graduate and the large man played at UCONN I believe.

(Patrick) #11

They’ve been doing one for the midweek games. I’ve thought they’ve been pretty high on us all year, to be honest.

(Patrick) #12

(Patrick) #13

So, they didn’t do one for our game

(Patrick) #14

Cougar talk starts at 2:58

(Patrick) #15

Cougar talk right off the bat

(Cary) #16

Over half of this is talking about the Coogs.

(Patrick) #17

Coog-SMU talk starts at 4:45

(Patrick) #18

Coogs-Temple talk starts at 5:00

(Patrick) #19

UH-Tulane talk starts the show

(Patrick) #20

UH-Memphis talk starts the show