The American vs P5

I was not in to the P6 thing at all but after watching some of the AAC games these first 2 weeks and knowing what they have done to P5 teams in the pass, I am a diehard P6 believer. The American may never become P6 but the nation knows The American can compete and win against P5 schools. The American schools are doing it with a lot less annual money than P5s and not having a roster full of 4 and 5 stars.

In the second week, The American is 4-2 vs P5 which may be 4-3 after Texas vs Tulsa tonight.

Next week, there are 6 games of The American vs P5 which 3 of them are winnable.


I would rather see UH in a P5 conference then have to defend the AAC as something worthy of watching. I am still struggling to have any enthusiasm when watching our conference mates play anybody but UH.

Not me. I enjoy watching AAC teams play. Some people enjoy only watching top teams play, I enjoy any good competitive game and those of AAC teams have a direct bearing on UH, so I am more interested in them than any B12, B1G, ACC, PAC12 teams and most SEC teams.


I like watching the best games available and any game my Houston Cougars are in. Fortunately there are times when they are one in the same. Not so much in the AAC but if somebody wants to watch that, more power to them, just know there is better football out there!

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