The Big Tournament 2019: Cougar news

Fredette is listed as his team’s assistant coach, but it’s not clear whether he’ll play after averaging 32 points and leading his squad to the semifinals last year. Team Fredette also features BYU’s all-time leading scorer, Tyler Haws, former New Mexico standout Darington Hobson, ex-Bowling Green star Jordon Crawford; former University of Houston stars Rob Gray and Devonta Pollard; and 2011 Atlantic-10 Player of the Year Tu Holloway.


This looks awesome and like a LOT of fun to watch. I bet whistles stay in pockets for games like this. And a $2 mill cash prize ain’t bad either.

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Speaking of devonte…anyone know what hes been up to since he left? Was he playing overseas?

@FortWorthCoog had been tracking him…he’d been in Canada playing, but was in Mexico playing a couple of months ago.

He started a twitter account right around the time the Coogs made the Tourney this year and was supporting the team via that.

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Still down in Mexico Cibacopa, playoffs just started and his team is up 1-0. Game 2 is actually starting right now for anybody who cares to watch:


Pollard also chipped in 14

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Gray and Pollard will be playing tonight at 10 pm on ESPN 3

Damn lucky arse Michigan.

Team Fredette lost last night and are done. Gray had 7 points and seemed to struggle while Pollard had 13 and seemed to play well.

Simmons joins Overseas elite after being released by Washington; hasn’t been picked up by another NBA team yet.

Pretty good team to be picked up by considering they’ve won the whole thing the last 4 years. 8 teams left.

5 point play plus miracle shot = loss!!! Never ever seen a 5 point play before that game…