The Big12 has paint itself into a corner

Here is what I hope happens; UH to B12, GOR expires, SEC takes OU/UH, Texas goes B1G and we are set for 100 years.

What we really want is for a conference to take UT and UH together at GOR expiration. B1G, Pac or ACC.

I think no TV money is not a realistic option.

  1. The networks are not going to allow the pure cash grab, not paying the other schools means the conference is blatantly ignoring the spirit of the contract. This will not fly with ESPN and fox and probably give them a leg to stand on in court.
  2. ESPN and FOX want teams that are competitive for TV ratings. They want Houston to sustain the recent success. Hell they may concede to giving the Big 12 the whole extra pay day without a fight if we get into the CFP and really drive TV sets in Houston doing so. NO WAY they let the Big 12 stiff us …a gradual payout …sure.
    3 we would be better off in the AAC if the big 12 won’t pay. we can sustain the effort with continued wins vs p 5 teams in bowls and playoffs, still get high enough recruiting classes and become a P5 program in a G5 world. keep up the recent success for a couple of years more and the sports world will view UH as a P5 program displaced by political BS. Hell we could grab a huge national audience as the little team that could. it might actually lead us into a Norte dame type of independent status…either way we will be included in the next frame of realignment.
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sorry, but NO WAY that is true…Less TV money for several years, yes,maybe only half of what other schools make to begin…but no way any deal is set up where new schools get ZERO TV money…thats preposterous.

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