The Bryson Smith gimmick

I don’t think we’ve had one successful play with this gimmick.

I don’t even understand the point of putting him in at quarterback. King can pretty much do everything that Smith can. Only difference is King is the much better passer right now.


Said that myself yesterday.

we have have numerous 15yds plays off that gimmick, we’ve actually had drastically more good plays than bad plays from that gimmick…

but i do agree it needs to stop, it kill momentum…
king 20yd pass, king 20yd pass, defensive is tired , we given them rest switching qbs , bryson 8 yds run, give them more rest getting king back in

im a believer in if it isnt broken, dont fix it, if king is scoring at will i dont see a point in switching things around…potentially ruining kings momentum…

with that said im fine with the bryson package, but only when we are struggling, stopped on 3rd and short the last 2 drives, im fine with bringing bryson in on 3rd and short the 3rd time

I would only do this once the game is clearly in hand. I can see no other circumstance where #1 is better than #4 at this point.

You know what’s funny the Broncos tried the Wildcat today with their RBs put Case in motion right when they were humming along on a drive. I was like OMG what is with this stupid play this weekend???

Dang, I missed that one! When will we see Roy passing more?

I have no problem with it. Actually I like it. We have to give the opposition different looks. This game is not about gimmick plays but it is about our inability to stop an offense that we could recite in our sleep.

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