The Center Snap Was Low More Times Than I Could Count

I am surprised no one has mentioned the issue of our center snapping the ball too low on a regular basis during yesterday’s game. When the QB has to bend his knees and look down to catch the snap it really impacts the timing of the plays. There were a few times when the receiver would go in motion behind the QB and had to dodge the QB’s backside because the QB was bent down to catch the low snap. I mentioned to the guy sitting next to me very early in the game that the low snaps were hurting the offensive timing . And my thoughts were compounded with that disastrous play in the third quarter when the snap literally rolled on the ground to Allen causing a critical turnover.

Anybody else notice that? They need to get that corrected or start a smaller quarterback like King where the low snaps would not look as being too low.


Not its own thread, but discussed in other threads.

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as discussed in another thread, noble was low and to the left consistently with allen. however, had no issues when Postma was in at Qb.
does noble have an issue with allen, does he prefer postma?
unsure but he certainly remembered how to snap the ball once the qb changed.

Was Noble even in when Postma was playing? We had a lot of backups playing across the board at that point. Regardless, Postma was in for a total of 18 plays – hardly long enough to establish a trend.

Braylon Jones moved to center when Postma came in and Denley moved to left guard.

Nobles came back in at center on the last drive when Denley got the unsportsmanlike penalty and Jones moved back to left guard.


This is true. Wonder how they miss this in practice.
add that to turnovers, poor runnng game, scared Qback…time to replace the offensive coordinator!

They likely don’t. They probably know Noble has a tendency to snap low, and think his ability to block better than his backup is a bigger priority.

This is a disheartening concern considering the center touches the ball on every offensive play. I don’t remember seeing the ball ever snapped off-center either. I hope we see better results in the upcoming games.

I noticed this almost every time the snap went to Allen. I even mentioned it to some people around me. I haven’t noticed that before this game with Noble. I wonder what the issue was.

Maybe with King in at QB the snaps will be just right :joy:


Most of the time, low snaps are due to not finishing the follow through. Most likely, Noble was worried about getting up in time to make a block.

Reports were that he was better late in the game with Postma…which was also the time that Tech was playing prevent defense.

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Regardless who is taking snaps the Center need to be correct with his placement of the ball.

Allen needed a baseball glove to field the ground balls coming to him from the center during the game.


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