The DeJon Jarreau Thread (Highlights, Stats, etc.)


His Sophomore Highlights:

Stats (Per Game) : 18 Mins- 8.7pts - 3.8Rbs - 3.3AST- 0.6Stls - 0.5Blks - 2.1TOs

what are your expectations for him next year? what do you hope he improves on?

(Butch) #2

Very nice Pesik…hoping Jarreau has a monster junior year…I think he will continue to improve on his outside defense and should be an even better rebounder and shot blocker. The biggest improvement hopefully will be his outside shooting. Nobody drives to the hoop any better than he does…


I’d like to see him work on cutting down his turnover rate and having a better understanding of when he can go for home-run passes and when he just needs to take care of the basketball. I’d like to see his A/T ratio get to be at least 2:1. I’d also like to see his three-point shot develop to where he can punish defenses that sag off of him (I think he showed some potential last year of being able to do this).


Great job, @pesik. Despite all the talk about Caleb Mills, I think the guy I’m most excited to see next year is Jarreau. This should be his team. If he can learn to create his own 3 point shot, and slow down when it’s needed, he has the potential to be Rob Gray, but massively upgraded on the defensive end. Deeky’s ability to finish is already equal to or better than Rob.


More physical control going to the rim. He made some crazy plays last year but also looked really bad trying to finish some drives. Also, Assist to Turnover ratio 2.0 or higher.

(Cristian) #6

Thats what im worried about him. He can get predictable with the ball and lets his eyes follow the player. He needs to be as calm as Galen. Highlight of Galen the self pass on the defenders back.


i remember reading somewhere that we havent had a triple double in a couple decades…i think dejon could get a triple double in a game next year


Needs to cut on those turnovers if he wants to stay at point guard.

(Mike) #9

He’s clearly in the mold of Rob Gray when driving to the hoop. Some of his shots are just acrobatic. But it’s the rest of his game that needs to develop. Otherwise he will continue to be somewhat one dimensional. We need him! All of him.

(Craig Wiggins) #10

Somebody help me here, I only got to see him when we played on TV. But wasn’t most of his turnovers when he would try to drive to the basket when the other team had cut him off defensively from being able to get to the basket but he would try anyway? or where his turnovers on him handling the ball out on top setting the offense. If it is because he was being to aggressive driving to the basket that might be harder to correct because you don’t want to take away his athletic ability to slice up the defense by making him overthink. I do believe and have faith in Coach to teach DeJon when he should give up and pass out of the drive to an open men. If his turnovers are out front then I believe that will get better due to experience. If we didn’t have Coach Sampson then I would worry about DeJon’s one man show. I believe Coach will work with his strengths in controlling when to put on a clinic and when to step back and play team ball. I never really saw DeJon with a warped sense of entitlement and seemed ready to help out whenever called upon. Could have been our Senior Leadership but he accepted their leadership so I don’t see where there will be any problem with him listening to our coaches. He seems he is very coachable and isn’t that what our Coach likes in players. I see DeJon having a monster year next year. God bless him for last year after the deaths of people that were number 1 for sure in his grandmother and 2 his brother to his heart.


Yep, some were. He bounced the ball off of his foot and leg many times. Not always a turnover but it sure makes a fellow cringe. It’s that part of his game that I hope is vastly improved next season. I’m less concerned about a turnover off of a kick-out pass. That sort of thing is going to happen and sometimes it’s on the passer and sometimes it’s just good defense.

(Paul Marlow) #12

He also had some boneheaded turnovers where his pocket got picked. I look for continued development over this summer. I wish he could live in the weight room like Corey did last summer.


Coach CKS once compared DeJon to a starting QB that will score 5-6 TDS in a game while throwing 2-3 interceptions…

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #14

What we lose in stability I believe we will more than make up with explosiveness and up side at the position.
I suspect we will see a much better version of DJ in April than what we see in NOV.

I hope everyone on our roster can stay healthy this off season so they are ready to hit the ground running starting this summer and for their international trip.