The Dropsies

No, not the newest sitcom on ABC…

Man… stating the obvious here… we get the dropsies corrected and this offense will be truly unstoppable. Fortunately it is usually correctable. I counted 12 drops in re-watching, and 3 TDs left on the field.

I am sure that’s the first thing in every meeting that will be covered. Hope they do like on HBO’s Hard Knock’s this season, where the Browns coaches make you catch 30 balls in a row after practice for a single drop.

And for those who wanted the long ball - wish granted. And creativity - wish granted. And excitement - wish granted.


If we don’t drop a few passes, we would have won by 50.

Its amazing blow out a Pac 12 teamand also realize there are things to improve on.

Based on the eye test,this team is better than the 2015 team. Granted it is only 2 games and there is a lot of football left to play. If we stay healthy this could be one of those great years.


After rice, I wanted to see our kicking game improve. We didn’t miss any extra points vs AZ anyway. This week I’m hoping our drops go away.

As Viper in Top Gun said…“Keep sending 'em up!”

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It’s going to be a good season. Offense is gonna be firing on all cylinders for Tech!

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